FreeBSD The Power to Serve

The power, flexibility, and reliability of FreeBSD attract a wide variety of users and vendors. Here you will find vendors offering commercial products and/or services for FreeBSD.

For your convenience, we have divided our growing commercial listing into several sections. If your company supports a FreeBSD related product, service, consulting, or support that should be added to this page, please fill out a problem report in category Documentation→Website. Submissions should contain a medium-sized paragraph in length, describing your company. Please note that the inclusion of vendors in our list does not signify our endorsement of their products or services by the FreeBSD Project.

Miscellaneous Vendors

ExaVault provides inexpensive online remote backup space that is accessible via open, industry standard protocols, including rsync, FTP and SFTP. It is ideal for small and medium businesses, web hosting companies and others that need a quick, transparent, maintenance-free way of mirroring a copy of their data to a remote backup server. We are fully FreeBSD compatible, and provide full support for getting things setup on your FreeBSD system.
FreeBSD Mall
The FreeBSD Mall can provide everything you may want or need to enhance your FreeBSD experience. Are you new to FreeBSD? Or, perhaps you've been using it for years? We have something for you. We have the latest FreeBSD CDROMs, helpful books, and colorful shirts and hats. Stay current with FreeBSD and put it to work for you!
GFU Schulung
GFU offers FreeBSD Training for customizing servers with a whole bunch of open source software like PostgreSQL, OpenOffice, Cyrus IMAP, etc. Upon customer request especially: Oracle Administration under FreeBSD.

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