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Problem Report Database

A problem report, or PR, can be about any component of FreeBSD, including problems with the operating system programs, a mistake in the documentation, or a new feature that the submitter wishes to see incorporated.

Problem reports begin in the new state, and are closed when the issue is resolved. A numeric ID is assigned to each PR for tracking. Many FreeBSD changes refer to the PR number that prompted the change.

How to Submit a Problem Report

Problem reports are submitted to the development team with the web form. An account will need to be created before a bug can be submitted. Please note that messages sent to a mailing list are not tracked as official problem reports, and may get lost in the noise!

Before submitting a problem report, please read the Writing FreeBSD Problem Reports article. This article describes when to submit a problem report and what to include. Some useful background information is also contained in the Problem Report Handling Guidelines article.

FreeBSD problem reports are tracked using Bugzilla.

Last modified on: November 26, 2023 by Minsoo Choo