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The X Window System

  • The X.Org project provides users of a variety of UNIX® systems, including FreeBSD, with an excellent X Window system.

  • The WINE project is working to provide the ability to run Microsoft Windows® software on Intel based UNIX systems such as FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux.

  • NetBSD is another free 4.4BSD Lite based operating system which runs on several different architectures.

  • OpenBSD is another 4.4BSD derivative with focus on security.

  • Linux is another free UNIX® like system.

  • Lites is a 4.4BSD Lite based server and emulation library that provides free UNIX® functionality to a Mach based system.

  • The GNU Hurd project is another effort to develop a free UNIX® like operating system.

  • DragonFly BSD is based on FreeBSD 4.X but has a different set of development goals than FreeBSD.

  • illumos is an open source fork of OpenSolaris, which ultimately has its roots in a BSD derivative called SunOS.

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