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The power, flexibility, and reliability of FreeBSD attract a wide variety of users and vendors. Here you will find vendors offering commercial products and/or services for FreeBSD.

For your convenience, we have divided our growing commercial listing into several sections. If your company supports a FreeBSD related product, service, consulting, or support that should be added to this page, please fill out a problem report in category Documentation→Website. Submissions should contain a medium-sized paragraph in length, describing your company. Please note that the inclusion of vendors in our list does not signify our endorsement of their products or services by the FreeBSD Project.

Hardware Vendors

42U is specialized in providing remote access solutions including FreeBSD compatible serial console servers, KVM switches, KVM over IP products, remote power reboot, and environmental monitoring. For more information, contact or visit
ABMX Servers
ABMX based in California, offers custom-build Rackmount Servers optimized for FreeBSD. We can custom build just about anything. If it can be configured, we will configure it. Please contact our friendly engineers at 1-800-711-1788 or visit
Acnodes Corporation

Acnodes Corporation provides FreeBSD and Linux-based computer for customers in the industrial control, automation industries and the military. Our rack mount computers, embedded systems and Panel PCs are fully configurable and support FreeBSD, Linux or any other operating system.

Our product line includes Rackmount computers (1U to 4U rack-mount ready computers, standard ATX or SBC systems), Panel PCs (panel mount ready touch screen computer), Embedded system boxes (fan less all-in-one computer integrated into a rugged metal compact-size micro box), Monitor keyboard drawers (space-saving 1U/2U control console, optional for Cat6, IP KVM switch) and Rackmount LCD monitors (rack-mount ready LCD monitors up to 20-inch).

Our product line configurations are illustrated on our website. However, most of the commercial and industrial computers are custom built to your exact requirements.

ActiveWire Inc.
ActiveWire Inc. provides an extremely flexible, USB-based I/O board that connects to buttons, switches, and LEDs, providing a simple API to read and write to the I/O pins on the board. An additional EZ USB chip firmware downloader is available in the Ports Collection.
ASA Computers
ASA Computers offers a wide range of performance-oriented servers, workstations, and networking products. We are experienced in quality configuration and support of FreeBSD, Linux, and other operating systems. Multiple-OS experience and knowledge are our strengths. We resell a variety of communication and networking products, including 3COM, Cisco, Cyclades, DIGI, Livingston, and U.S. Robotics. Please take a look at the pre-configured systems on our web page.
Aspen Systems
Aspen Systems is based out of Wheat Ridge, CO and has been in business for over 30 years offering customizable rackmount servers and workstations featuring FreeBSD and other open source operating systems. We also provide custom turn-key High Performance Computing Clusters for government, universities, and corporations throughout the world. Please contact a sales engineer today at 1(800)992-9242 or visit our website for more information.
ATTO Technology
For over 25 years, ATTO Technology, Inc. has been a global leader in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments. ATTO manufactures Host Bus Adapters, RAID adapters, network adapters, RAID storage controllers, Thunderbolt-enabled Desklink devices, bridges, switches and software. ATTO's Celerity 16Gb Fibre Channel adapters, ExpressSAS 12Gb SAS/SATA HBAs and SAN Storage Controllers all support 9.3 and 10.x operating systems.
Bargain Hardware
Bargain Hardware supply a huge variety of refurbished desktops and laptops, all of which are offered with FreeBSD OS installation as an option on the website configurator. Server and Workstation installation is also available by request of our sales team.
catpipe Systems
catpipe Systems ApS provides managed services and support contracts for FreeBSD, implemented on rackmountable servers preloaded with FreeBSD.
Core Systems
Core Systems is a global leader in Rugged Computers and Rugged Displays for military and industrial needs based out of California. We build rugged products that are deployed in ground vehicles, aircraft, and maritime installations worldwide.
Coyote Point Systems
Coyote Point Systems offers the Equalizer Load Balancing Appliance. Equalizer distributes client UDP/TCP requests to multiple server machines and includes load balancing, server failure detection/correction, and an easy-to-use administrative interface. Capable of handling over 20,000 HTTP GET operations per minute, Equalizer enhances the Scalability, Availability and Manageability of any server cluster. Equalizer works with all standard protocols, including: HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, DNS, etc. Equalizer is based on the FreeBSD kernel.
CP Technologies
CP Technologies designs, fabricates and integrates standard and custom high-performance computing platforms, data links, and LCD displays for military, industrial, and commercial markets.
DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc.
DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc. designs, develops, and markets cost-effective integrated circuit (IC) solutions for mainstream networking and communications applications. DAVICOM is one of the leading suppliers of Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) chip sets to international original equipment manufactures (OEMs) of networking and communications equipment.

The current products of DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc. that will support the FreeBSD driver are DM9102 (10M/100M PCI Fast Ethernet single chip), DM9102A (3.3 volts Low Power10M/100M PCI Fast Ethernet single chip), DM9101 (10M/100M PCI Fast Ethernet PHY chip, included into DM9102 single chip), DM9131 (3.3 volts Low Power10M/100M PCI Fast Ethernet PHY chip, included into DM9102A single chip) and DM9801 (1M8 Home PNA PHY chip).

Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies, Inc. has high-speed serial-communications adapters, allowing FreeBSD systems to connect directly to leased lines at speeds from 56k to T1/E1. ET drivers support up to 16 T1/E1 lines on a single FreeBSD-based PC. The adapters include a complete set of drivers and utilities that allow a FreeBSD machine to communicate directly with virtually any IP router via synchronous PPP, Frame Relay, X.25, and directly to Cisco brand routers with Cisco serial encapsulation. Full documentation and support are included. Hardware choices are available for both ISA and PCI buses, ranging from an economical single-port ISA adapter to a four T1/E1 port PCI card with four dedicated 25MHz processors on-board. To contact Emerging Technologies, send E-mail to
Based in Japan, EMT offers tailor-made Servers and Workstations optimized for FreeBSD. We provide high-quality and high-reliable systems by carrying out a thorough examination and offer Hardware Warranty Support. Please contact us via email or visit our website.
eRacks Open Source Systems
eRacks Open Source Systems is a leading provider of open source solutions. The company manufactures rackmount computer servers, specializes in custom-designed systems, and offers a wide array of services including open source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture design. eRacks offers a full range of open source operating systems configured on its systems, including FreeBSD. For more information, contact eRacks at
Genstor Systems, Inc.
Genstor Systems specializes in systems customized for FreeBSD. You will find Storage (like multi-TB storage using SATA disks) and Server options, built around quality hardware. We also build clusters and provide OEM services for appliance integration. Genstor keeps abreast of drivers and bugs so you do not have to. We customize systems around Linux, and x86 Solaris as well. Contact us via email at or call us at (877)25-SERVERS and test our capabilities.
HighPoint Technologies
HighPoint sells SATA RAID Controller products which are supported natively by FreeBSD 6.3 and 7.0. Drivers for older versions of FreeBSD are available on their website. HighPoint is specialized in providing SATA RAID solutions, including an Enterprise Series, Value Line Series and Upgrade Series of RAID controllers. Their motto is "One Size Does Not Fit All".
Iron Systems
Iron Systems, located in San Jose, California, is a provider of high-density rack-mount Internet systems, low cost hosting solutions and OEM integration services. System solutions are either built-to-order iServers with custom-configured hardware, OS, kernel and applications; or a set of pre-configured network infrastructure iEngines and iClusters, specially designed to deliver a dedicated application. Iron Systems backs all solutions with world-class technical support for FreeBSD and Linux. Our team at an average has over 10 years of experience in building BSD-based systems. We understand that our servers run your mission-critical applications - that's why we use only the highest quality components and test all systems in advance. We are confident that you will appreciate our approach. Give us an opportunity to serve you! Please send us email at or call 1-800-921-IRON.
iXsystems (formerly OffMyServer) provides FreeBSD and Linux-based Internet infrastructure-grade rackmount servers, network appliances, enterprise blade servers, and storage products to a global market. We use only the best quality components and do the required testing in advance - knowing that you are going to run your mission-critical applications on our servers. We are confident that you will appreciate our approach - give us an opportunity to server you! Send us an email at
KVM Switches Online
KVM Switches Online is a leading provider of server room solutions featuring server management & server space optimization solutions utilizing FreeBSD compatible serial console servers and KVM switching products. For more information, contact or visit
Minifree Ltd provides serviced ThinkPads with Libreboot, which is free and opensource boot firmware based on coreboot that replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware. Customers can request installation of FreeBSD, in whichever configuration they need, and it will be provided with full disk encryption. The combination of coreboot results in a highly robust, secure laptop. Minifree has been in business since 2014, and ships worldwide.
MOXA makes attractively priced multi-port serial cards which are compatible with FreeBSD's sio serial driver. The C104 / C168 family of 2/4/8 serial port cards features custom ASIC design, speeds up to 921.6Kbps, surge protection, independent and software-configurable I/O ports and IRQs.
NCS Technologies
NCS Technologies offers "NCS Swift Appliance Partner Program (NCSAPP)" for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and other OEMs. Under this program, NCS develops "turn-key" server appliances for its ISV partners by bundling their appliance software with its own hardware platforms. These appliance hardware platforms are built using the latest industry standard chipsets and components and can run FreeBSD based applications.
Netgate is a high quality communications appliance manufacturer that designs highly configurable computers engineered for low-power, high-throughput, dependable deployments. We offer quick deployment with off-the-shelf systems, specialized custom product solutions and an end-to-end OEM service program for large customers.

Netgate directly supports Open Source software and Open Source hardware projects by providing management, engineering and support resources for the pfSense project.

Orbit Micro
Orbit Micro is a system integrator of servers, workstations, industrial computers and networking products. Our application design approach allows us to maximize performance for your computing needs. Our products line also includes a vareity of computer components and peripherals as well as software. Contact us at to speak to a sales engineer or if you have questions or comments.
PCW Microsystems, Inc.
PCW Microsystems, Inc. offers rackmount workstations and servers, optimized for the FreeBSD operating system. We carry full line of rackmount chassis, RAID, WAN, and LAN products for FreeBSD OS. Please visit our web site for more information or send us an e-mail at
Perle Specialix
Perle Specialix makes a wide variety of multi-port async serial expansion products. The ISA, EISA, and PCI SI/XIO host cards work under FreeBSD, using the si driver.
PSSC Labs provides custom configured computer solutions to meet any budget or specification. Visit our website to build your computer just the way you want it, including hard-drive partitioning and operating system setup.
Psychsoftpc is a manufacturer of high performance computers, workstations and clusters with Linux or FreeBSD preinstalled upon request.
RackmountNet offers a full line of 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U 19" rackmount chassis and servers for industrial mission critical applications.
Servaris Corporation

Servaris builds Premium Rack Mount, Blade Servers and Tower Servers as well as RAID Storage Subsystems.

Servaris ProServ 1U Rack Servers and ProServ 2U Rack Servers and 4U High Performance Computing Server are all FreeBSD compatible. Almost all the ProServ Servers have lights-out remote management via java enabled web browser. Servaris will pre-install FreeBSD AMD/64 or i386 with a Generic or fully customized FreeBSD installation. Servaris Blade Servers are an 'all in one' clustering and fail-over solution with complete remote management via any java enabled web browser and feature Intel's latest 5500 Quad Core Xeon Processors. Servaris iStor RAID Storage Subsystems are 4GB/8GB Fibre to SAS/SATA and are available in 12-Bay, 16-Bay and 24-Bay Chassis. asily expandable, simple to maintain and completely manageable via web browser.

Servaris has friendly staff that can answer your questions. Please give Servaris a call at 1.877.963.1900 or contact them from here. Servaris will provide you with Superior Quality Servers and RAID Systems with excellent Warranties at reasonable prices: "Servaris, Excellence through Passion."

Server Racks Online
Server Racks Online computer rack superstore. At Server Racks Online we also allow you to easily configure our computer racks, server cabinets, and accessories to suit your exact requirements and your FreeBSD needs. Server Rack Online strives to provide a wide selection of server rack products and accessories for every solution. For more information, contact or visit
ServerU Inc.
We make Server hardware for open source flavors of Unix-like systems. ServerU is a joint effort of FreeBSD specialist company with more than 15 years expertise, and ServerU itself, a US company based on Miami, FL. We focus on designing and making rack-mount 1U networking appliances completely supported by open source Unix-like systems. We make hardware supported and certified for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux. We also focus on ProApps, pfSense, Vyatta (VyOS), Endian and other systems, as well as Juniper, Brocade and other networking products accelerated by Netmap and DPDK technologies. Se offer FreeBSD consulting, support and services on US east cost and Caribbean. offers a wide range of high-performance and cost-effective quad- and dual-processor servers, workstations, and networking products with FreeBSD and Linux as their operating systems. Just go to our website for servers in a variety of configurations or custom-made systems.
SW Technology
SW Technology offers quality Pentium machines with FreeBSD pre-installed.
Synergy Global Inc
We are a FreeBSD and Linux Rackmount LCD Monitor keyboard Drawer, Rackmount chassis, server manufacturer and distributor.
Synetic, Inc.
Synetic Inc. is a Canadian and North American distributor for IDE-to-IDE, SCSI-to-IDE and SCSI-to-SCSI RAID controllers, supporting the FreeBSD platform.
ThinkPenguin specializes in supporting free software operating systems via one of the largest hardware catalogs in the world. We stock a wide array of computers, peripherals, and accessories. What sets us apart is our devotion to improving hardware support for free software operating systems and ensuring that hardware can be properly and natively supported by the FreeBSD community.
Zantech KVM Australia
Zantech KVM Australia is an Australian distributor of FreeBSD compatible KVM switches, KVM over IP products and serial console terminal servers.

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