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FreeBSD’s widespread popularity has spawned a number of user groups around the world.

If you know of a FreeBSD user group not listed here, please fill out a problem report in category Documentation→Website with the following information:

  1. A URL for the user group’s website.

  2. An email contact address of a human in charge, for use by our visitors and website administrators.

  3. A short (one paragraph) description of the user group.

Submissions should be in HTML. In keeping with the spirit of FreeBSD, we prefer user groups that are active and which conduct their business in public. If there is no local group, can be used to locate interested individuals near by. Consider forming your own user group!


Map with the usergroups



The Albanian BSD Users Group is a group that represents and supports *BSD in Albanian language. More information is available at Located in Prishtina, Kosova.


The BSD User Group of the Augsburger Computer Forum e.V. meets every second Saturday at 17.00. Please visit our web site for more information on dates and our address. We have all kinds of BSD, but mainly FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Located in Germany, Augsburg.

Berkeley in Munich (BIM)

The Berkeley in Munich (BIM) caters for users of BSD based systems in Oberbayern. Located in Germany, Munich.

Bluefrogs e.V.

Unix and Linux User Group in Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne), German. Meetings are held twice a month. We are working with all Open Source Unix derivates: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and others. We give workshops, lectures, talks and install parties. For more information please email us at:

BSD User Group Düsseldorf/NRW (BSD.NRW)

BSD.NRW is located in Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany. We are open for all people in the Rhein-Ruhr area that are interested in the BSD family. We have bi-monthly meetings (always on the second Tuesday of these months). Upcoming dates and additional information can be found on the BSD.NRW website.

BSD User Group Hamburg (BSDHH)

The BSD User Group Hamburg (BSDHH) meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.00pm in the restaurant Léon (Koppel 1, 20099 Hamburg). Most members are FreeBSD users, although users of all BSD flavors are welcome. Located in Germany, Hamburg.

BSD User Group Latvia

To learn more about the BSD User Group Latvia, please visit our site and our forums. Located in Latvia.

BSD User Group Slovenia

BSD User Group Slovenia connects BSD system users in Slovenia. Group members also gather on the IRC channel on Libera Chat. Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

BSD Users Sweden (BUS)

The BSD Users Sweden (BUS) maintains a mailing list. To join send an email to with subscribe bus in the body. Located in Sweden.


The Danish BSD User Group. Promotion and support of the BSD derived Operating Systems in Denmark. Mailing lists, lecture and workshops. Send mail subscription requests to Located in Denmark.

BSE München

BSE (BSD Social Event) is located in München (Munich), Germany. Feel free to visit our regular meetings (every four weeks) or join the mailing list. For more information visit the BSE web site.

Dublin BSD User Group

The Dublin BSD User Group is a collective of individuals who are interested in the application of BSDs in production scenarios. We are interested in how the BSDs can help both sysadmins and application developers deploy and manage robust solutions as well as looking at some of the unique features of the BSDs. For more information please visit our website.

FreeBSD UK Users group (FreeBSD UKUG)

The FreeBSD UKUG (FreeBSD UK User's Group) exists for the benefit of FreeBSD users in the United Kingdom. Please follow the link for more information. Located in the United Kingdom.


The FreeBSD User Group France (FUG-FR) is an group of FreeBSD enthusiasts in France currently involved translating marketing papers etc. They are also active in helping out FOSDEM (held in Brussels). For more information please visit our web page or contact Rodrigo Osorio.

Gruppo Utenti FreeBSD Italia (GUFI)

The Gruppo Utenti FreeBSD Italia (GUFI) is a "italian powered" FreeBSD User Group. It is intended to help Italian FreeBSD users to find support and articles on/about FreeBSD in the italian language. Please follow this link to know more about us. Located in Italia.

HappaBSD Regensburg

HappaBSD is a regulars' table taking place every month in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. For more information see the HappaBSD website.

We are a russian FreeBSD community. On our site we offer several articles for setting up FreeBSD and various other applications. In addtition to the articles we also provide a user forum where experienced users of FreeBSD are pleased to be able to help other users.

Manchester BSD Users Group

The Manchester BSD Users Group meets reasonably often in the Lass O'Gowrie, on Charles Street, Manchester. Contact Sam Smith for more information. Located in The United Kingdom, Manchester.

Polish BSD User Group

Our group was created to promote systems from the BSD family in Poland. We organize meetings that bring together lovers of Unix systems. Located in Warsaw.

Prague BSD Group

A small BSD user group from Brmlab Prague/Czech Republic Hackerspace. We are a group of hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts.

Russian FreeBSD User Group (RFUG)

The Russian FreeBSD User Group (RFUG) is a Russian language oriented user group for the Russian and ex-USSR users. Located in Russia.


SBUG is a *BSD user group based in Rzeszow and targeting the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

The BSD in Belfast Group

Meet the BSD Belfast Group the third Friday of the month. We are a group of academic and industrial BSD users and admirers.

The Hungarian BSD Group

The Hungarian BSD Group is a group of NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD users located in Hungary. Their meetings occur on the second Friday of the month. The website of the group is

The Norwegian BSD User Group (NOBUG)

The Norwegian BSD User Group (NOBUG) is a User Group for BSD users and enthusiasts in Norway. Meetings are currently held in Oslo and Bergen. Visit our website for more information. There is also a Unix User Group (NUUG) with more regular meetings, sometimes even with a BSD subject. Located in Norway.

The Portuguese *BSD Users Group

The Portuguese *BSD Users Group is a User Group for Portuguese users of BSD operating systems. Contact Rui Pereira for more information. Located in Portugal, Amadora.

Ulmer BSD User Stammtisch

The U-BUS meets every last Thursday of the month. For more information about meetings and related issues, please check the web page (u-bus). Located in Germany, Ulm.

Ulyanovsk FreeBSD Users Group

The Ulyanovsk FreeBSD Users Group (ULBSD) is for Russian users of ULBSD operating system that is based on FreeBSD. We provide free and paid versions of our operating system. We also answer many questions of users for free and help them work in the FreeBSD and ULBSD. For more information send an email to or visit the website at Located in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Unix Users Group Rhein-Neckar e.V. (UUGRN e.V.)

The Unix Users Group Rhein-Neckar e.V. (UUGRN e.V.) provides a regional forum for users of all Unix flavors, with a stress on Linux and BSD. Meetings (UnixUserStammtisch) are held on the third Monday of each month. The Hands-on FIXME meeting happens every first Friday of each month. Located in Germany, Rhine-Neckar-Region , Heidelberg. All events get announced on Twitter @uugrn.

Wiener BSD Stammtisch

The Vienna BSD-Stammtisch is an English and German speaking BSD user group located in Austria's capital. We meet once a month to have a show and tell session, discuss and have a beer or two. The idea is to improve our skills and meet other BSD enthusiasts. Feel free to join!

North America

Baltimore Area BSD Operating System User Group (CharmBUG)

CharmBUG is a Baltimore Area BSD Operating System User Group, where the focus is on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and DragonFly BSD, including system administration and security across all UNIX like operating systems. Please contact for details.

BSD User Group Oak Ridge (BUGOR)

BUGOR is an open and free network of BSD users in the Oak Ridge TN area. Ideally, professional sysadmins, programmers and grizzled old hackers will meet each week to explore and debate the intricacies of the Unix design philosophy and the art of Unix programming while mentoring neophyte users and rehabilitating WIMP users.

Capital Area BSD Users Group

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month. Join our mailing list or visit our web site here. We meet in Maryland, but welcome anyone from MD, DC or VA.

Chicago Area BSD Users Group

ChiBUG is a new BSD user group in the Chicago area. We are interested in meeting with other individuals who use or are interested in any of the BSD variants. For more info or to join our mailing list, please visit


The GTABUG User Group welcomes all BSD users. Monthly meetings give attendees a chance to share ideas, discussion and information. Installations and other events help preach the good news of BSD to the community. Come drop by for a meeting! Located in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Kansas City Area *BSD User.s Group

We are a beginning BSD User Group with currently two members. If you would like to join, please visit our web site here. Our goals are to have fun, help others to learn about and using *BSD and evangelize the BSD operating systems.


The Knoxville, Tennessee BSD User Group (KnoxBUG) meets once a month. For more information, please visit and/or subscribe to our mailing list.

New York City *BSD User Group (NYCBUG)

The New York City *BSD User Group (NYCBUG) meets the first Wednesday of the month. Mailing lists are available at Located in New York, NY.


The NMLUG in Alburquerque meets once a month and supports both BSD and Linux users. To join the mailing list, send a message to with subscribe nmlug in the body. Located in New Mexico.

Ottawa-Carleton Unix Users Group

We are a small group of hobbyists, users, authors, sysadmins, and hackers that meet monthly to discuss the latest topics in a very informal setting. Check our mailing list for the latest information. Located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Portland (Oregon) FreeBSD Users Group

The Portland (Oregon) FreeBSD Users Group meets on the third Thursday of each month. Mail The Portland FreeBSD Users Group. Located in Portland, OR.

Reno Linux Users Group (RLUG)

The Reno Linux Users Group (RLUG) meets monthly in Reno, Nevada and discusses the use of BSD and Linux. Visit our website for more information, where you may also join our mailing list. Located in Reno, NV.

San Diego BSD Users Group

The San Diego BSD Users Group for users of FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. The meeting is first Thursday of every month at Boll Weevil off Clairemont Mesa Blvd., near the intersection with Ruffin Road. More information can be found here. Located in San Diego, CA.

Seattle BSD Users Group (SeaBUG)

The Seattle BSD Users Group (SeaBUG) meets occasionally. View our web site for more details and for information on how to join our mailing list. Located in Seattle, WA.

The Berkeley Unix User Group

The Berkeley Unix User Group is a general Unix Users Group for anyone in the San Fransico Bay Area. We meet on a weekly basis in downtown Berkeley. Visit the web site or send a message to with subscribe in the body. Located in Berkeley, CA.

The Capitals District *BSD Users Group

The Capitals District *BSD Users Group draws it's membership from New York's capital district and the surrounding communities. CDBUG was founded in December of 2004 and has a small but growing membership. We currently meet on the last Sunday of every month in the Albany area. Our mailing list is graciously being hosted by NYCBUG at: Located in Albany, NY.

The Colorado BSD Users Group (CoBUG)

Created in 2014, CoBUG is a completely open BSD community, established with the intention of spreading love for the BSDs. Located in Colorado.

The Orlando BSD Users Group

A small BSD user group from the greater Orlando area in central Florida. We are a group of computer hobbyists, I/T professionals, and Makerspace enthusiasts.

The Sacramento BSD and Linux Users Group (SacBLUG)

The Sacramento BSD and Linux Users Group (SacBLUG) is a collaborative effort amongst *BSD/Linux professionals in the Sacramento area, with a focus on enterprise and server environments. Our aim is to share our experiences in managing and maintaining systems while also providing a social network for members. Check out our website for more information.

The Southern Utah Unix Users Group (SU3G)

The Southern Utah Unix Users Group (SU 3 G, SU^3G, SU3G, or SUUUG) is for users of any version of Unix or Unix-like operating system, commercial or open source. So, whether you use FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD/OS, Solaris, OpenBSD, or any other Unix or Unix-like OS, and if you live, work, or associate with someone who lives or works in southwestern Utah, then consider joining the SU 3 G. For more information send an email to or visit the website at

The Users of Free Operating Systems (UFO Chicago)

The Users of Free Operating Systems (UFO Chicago) is an open-source Unix User Group that meets twice a month in Chicago. For directions and mailing list information, please check our web site Chicago, IL.

Tucson Free Unix Group (TFUG)

Tucson Free Unix Group, Arizona. Located in Tucson, AZ.

Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group (WPLUG)

The Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group (WPLUG) has a strong and growing community of BSD users that it supports. See our home page ( for information on regular meetings and join the mailing lists. Located in Pennsylvania.

Yavapai Free Unix Users Group

The Yavapai Free Unix Users Group is now forming for *BSD/Linux, etc., users in Northern Arizona. Please contact Russel Carter ( for details. Located in Northern Arizona.


Armenia BSD User Group

We're a community of BSD Hackers, Unix Sysadmins and Unix-like system users who gather once a month (online and offline) to discuss BSD Unix related topics.

BSD Taiwan

BSD Taiwan is a BSD user group for Taiwanese BSD users, where we can share knowledge, ideas, and seek help. For more information please visit our website.

EnderUNIX (Turkish *BSD team)

EnderUNIX is a Turkish BSD user group that provides documentation, tips, mailing lists, and mirrors for BSD operating systems.

FreeBSD Indonesia User Group

We are FreeBSD Indonesia User Group. We share, we learn all about the BSD system, and all about Open Source. For more information, visit

meetBSD Iran is an Iranian BSD user group that provides conferences, iso, ebooks, and PKGs for BSD local users.

New Delhi BSD User Group

The New Delhi BSD User Group (NDBUG) is a group of hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts. Our members share interests in BSD Unix and free implementations of Unix, as well as other open source software. NDBUG was founded to disseminate knowledge of BSD Unix, open source software, and related technologies and interests in India and New Delhi specifically.

The Echigo BSD Users Group (EBUG)

The Echigo BSD Users Group is the users group for BSD users around Echigo (aka Niigata). For more information on our events and mailing lists, please check the EBUG web site.

The FreeBSD China Community

The FreeBSD China Community was formed June 2002. We provide Web based support forum and wiki on FreeBSD and other *BSD technologies.

The Jogja FreeBSD Users Group

The Jogja FreeBSD Users Group is based in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia. Send email to for more information.

The Kansai *BSD Users Group (K*BUG)

The Kansai *BSD Users Group was established on November 13, 1999. It is expected to promote communication of any of the BSD variants' users. Some of its activities are to hold friendly parties of the members, and to hold seminars covering wide variety of topics. Please e-mail here ( Located in Kansai, Japan.

The MyBSD Malaysia Project

The MyBSD Malaysia Project is a Kuala Lumpur based User Group for BSD users and open-source in general, promoting and supporting FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and open source usage. We meet once a month, usually at Universiti Malaya or Restaurant Bahadur Shah. One of our projects is to develop a Unix file manager. Visit our web site or contact for more information.


BSD Users Group, Sydney (BUGS)

The BSD Users Group, Sydney (BUGS) meets occasionally in Sydney and surrounds. We have members from all over NSW. To join the mailing list or IRC channel, visit Located in New South Wales.

BUGA, The BSD User Group of Adelaide

We meet at irregular intervals. Join the mailing list by sending a message to with the text subscribe BUGA in the body. Located in South Australia.

Home Unix Users Group for Brisbane

We meet fortnightly at meeting rooms provided by the University of Queensland. More information, including how to join the mailing lists, is available at Located in Queensland.

South America

BSD Chile

The BSD Chile User Group ( maintains mirrors, documents, and mailing lists for the Chilean BSD community. The group also provides infrastructure for BSD events in Chile and can be reached on the IRC server #BSD in addition to the web site.

Grupo de Usuarios BSD de Venezuela

The Grupo de Usuarios BSD de Venezuela is a forum for *BSD users in Venezuela. For more information please contact the group admin Alberto Mijares.

The Brazilian FreeBSD User Group (FUG-BR)

The Brazilian FreeBSD User Group (FUG-BR) is a Portuguese language oriented User Group intended to help Brazilian FreeBSD users to find support and articles on and about FreeBSD in the Portuguese language. We keep some projects such as the " FreeBSD LiveCD ". Currently the group has over 800 members and our mailing list has an average traffic of 80 messages per day. To join FUG-BR mailing list, visit


The Global BSD User Groups

The Global BSD User Groups organization was founded to help promote local BSD user groups by helping to share ideas and experiences with other BUG organizations. Our goals are:We are working on ways to provide remote participation through streaming video of presentations. You can check our website or contact us via e-mail.

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