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The power, flexibility, and reliability of FreeBSD attract a wide variety of users and vendors. Here you will find vendors offering commercial products and/or services for FreeBSD.

For your convenience, we have divided our growing commercial listing into several sections. If your company supports a FreeBSD related product, service, consulting, or support that should be added to this page, please fill out a problem report in category Documentation→Website. Submissions should contain a medium-sized paragraph in length, describing your company. Please note that the inclusion of vendors in our list does not signify our endorsement of their products or services by the FreeBSD Project.

Consulting Services

A FreeBSD Brasil
FreeBSD Brasil. Established in 2002, we support FreeBSD in LAC (Latin America and Caribbean). A FreeBSD-centric and FreeBSD-only company, perhaps the only company worldwide focused exclusively in FreeBSD technology. We offer specialized consulting, support (with SLA), development and training, as well as ProApps, the FreeBSD Professional Appliance empowering hundred of companies’ mission-critical infrastructure, security and advanced routing. We leverage FreeBSD power to add military-grade cyber defense to banks, government, financial, space agencies and top enterprises. We are the Diversity of Defense, the silent warhorse. In the end of the battle day, FreeBSD makes the difference. Defense in depth specialists. Diversity of defense specialists. Compliance, best practices, pen test, threat intelligence. Advanced routing, netmap based firewalling and IDS/IPS, web application firewall, multi-factor authentication, identity management, facility threat absorption, SOA auditing, response planning, offensive defense, red team, penetration testing. It’s more than security; its cyber defense.
A-Team Systems
A-Team Systems has over 15 years of experience helping clients leverage the power of in combination with other open source software such as PHP, MySQL and Apache in a secure, customized and cohesive way. We have been with since version 1.0! We can help you with your existing deployment or future plans: From encrypted backups to web and mail servers. Visit our website for more information.
Acadix, LLC
Acadix, LLC offers a full range of services for FreeBSD and other platforms, including system integration, file servers, WEB servers, and programming/porting. Acadix provides on-site services to businesses, schools, and charitable organizations in the Milwaukee metro area. Programming services are available to all locations in the U.S. For more information, please visit our website.
AMG Labs
We are a software development and server management company operating in the market since 2014. We work with the development of customized web systems and the deployment and management of servers based on open source technologies such as CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Ubuntu Server.
AnonBSD Inc.
We provide IT environment consulting. Support in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux (Debian, RedHat, SUSE, Gentoo, Slackware) and OpenSolaris. High availability, virtualization, monitoring, security, deployment, network infrastructure. We service in São Paulo/SP and Campinas/SP in Brazil. Contact us via e-mail ( or by phone at +55 (19) 8202-1567.
At Audacix we help our customers maximise profits by shipping bug-free and secure software. Talk to us if you need help with your architecture, digital transformation, DevOps practice and cybersecurity. Call us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 to skyrocket your software delivery to the next level.
B.M.K. Industries
B.M.K. Industries is located in Melbourne Australia and specializes in setting up low cost routers and servers (Web, E-Mail, FTP, DNS and Secure Web Servers ) all using FreeBSD. Setting up Permanent Modem & ISDN Internet Connections is also a specialty. Please visit our web page.
bjrn hahnefeld IT
We are a company for Software-Engineering and a Hosting- and Server-Solutions provider (Web-, Application-, Database-servers) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are experienced in the installation and administration of BSD and Linux systems. Our software experience is with PHP, Perl and SQL and we speak English and German. We are located in Regensburg, Germany. Please email for more information.
Black Point Arts Internet Solutions GmbH
Black Point Arts Internet Solutions GmbH is located in Germany (Frankfurt/Main). We have experiences with FreeBSD, Linux and Windows Servers. Our business activities include hosting/homing, programming and webdesign. We develop solutions for your intra-, extra- and internet needs. For more information you can visit our website or write an email to
BSD Professionals In Europe (BSDPIE)
We are BSD based co-operating consultants offering Consultancy, Support, Development, Installation and Internet Services located in Munich, Germany.
Clone Consulting
Clone provides consultancy services for software development, system architecture and FreeBSD infrastructure support. For additional information please visit the Clone website.
CTS Consulting and Trade Service
CTS Consulting & Trade Service is a full service Consultant and Supplier for pre-installed FreeBSD Servers. We ship Firewalls, Internet Gateways, Mail Systems with virus protection, realtime http scanner, File and Print Servers. Network planning and implementation of WANS with IPSEC tunneling, Samba and Hylafax installations. Founded in 1985 with Unix and Mainframe experience since 1978. We are based in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria and have customer references throughout Europe and Eastern Europe ranging from 5 to 60000 Users. We are also shipping pre-installed Asterisk Telephone Systems and have best the references with it.
Cybersource Pty. Ltd
Cybersource is Australia's leading IT Professional Services Company in the areas of Unix/FreeBSD/Linux, TCP/IP Datanetworking and Open Platform application development using these technologies. With around 40 staff, are based in Melbourne and have been successfully providing IT Professional Services for 10 years.
Envescent, LLC
Envescent is a leading provider of technology products and services focused on FreeBSD. We offer consulting, pre-installed workstations and servers, compatible hardware, outsourced system and network administration and implementation, security auditing, technical support and much more.
More than 20 years of IT experience on demand! The EscapeBox Germany GmbH, founded in 2002, is a small but agile company that offers IT consulting services. We can support our clients both from remote and on location, as desired. So, if you are looking for capable freelancers for your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us today!
Ethon Technologies GmbH
Ethon Technologies GmbH -- located in Munich, Germany -- has a strong focus on BSD driven solutions. We offer professional consulting services as well as BSD based telecommunication systems, ranging from basic PBX to telco solutions up to 10.000.000 users. Feel free to contact us at or drop us a voicemail: +49.89.255456.0
FirmbIT is a high quality server management and security company providing friendly reliable support specializing in high security installations and scalable solutions with support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, SuSe, Mandrake and Sun Solaris servers.
Fortuitous Technologies
Fortuitous Technologies provides Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, System Design, Network Design and security services for FreeBSD, Linux, and Unix systems worldwide. We cover Cloud, Grid, and Multi-tiered systems of all types. Contact us at for further information.
Greg Lehey
Greg Lehey has over 20 years industry experience in all system programming and systems administration disciplines, including device drivers, kernel debugging, compilers, libraries, performance analysis, and site planning. He is the author of The Vinum Volume Manager, a virtual disk driver which includes software RAID, and also the books Porting UNIX Software and The Complete FreeBSD. Contact him via Email, or visit his web site.
Hamburgnet provides you with experience in FreeBSD and OpenBSD based projects. From low-end webservers to high-end firewall and database clusters. Storage, server, Unix, cluster & consulting. You can visit our website, mail us, phone us at +49 (40) 73672322 or contact us via fax at +49 (40) 73672321.
HermeTek Network Solutions
HermeTek Network Solutions is a comprehensive network solutions provider with a strong focus on FreeBSD. HermeTek also offers support for other BSD and Linux operating systems, as well as fully managed hosting packages. Please visit our web site for more information.
Interfuture Systems Ltd
Interfuture is an UK company offering a full range of UNIX consultancy, from desktop installation and support through to mission-critical server support and troubleshooting. One of our specialist areas and preferred operating systems is FreeBSD. Visit our website for more information or call +44 203 002 2111.
Located in Germany, is a portal for IT-Trainings (both individual workshops and public seminars) and offers training and consulting for different Open Source systems including FreeBSD. For further information please call 01805 120 222 (from within Germany) or visit our website.
ITS Pro is on the market since 2013. We are based in Poland. We focus on consultancy and advisory services. We deliver customized systems and applications, monitoring IT systems, messaging systems for our customers from various sectors and countries. We work in the following applications based on the FreeBSD platform: messaging systems - Postfix, monitoring systems – Nagios, secure publishing Internet access to back office applications and services (reverse proxy) like Exchange and SharePoint. Feel free to contact us to learn how you can benefit from our knowledge, experience and passion in IT technology.
iXsystems, Inc.
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, iXsystems offers FreeBSD technical support and custom development with a devoted Professional Services and Call Center based in the US to assist with issues. Getting FreeBSD up and running is fast and easy, but having expert help on-hand to solve your problems can take your solution to new heights. From optimizing your small office set-up to guidance on very large deployments, our team can ensure you get the most from FreeBSD.
Jens Schweikhardt
Jens Schweikhardt, located near Stuttgart/Germany, is a FreeBSD committer with 20 years of Unix experience who won several national and international programming contests. If you have a problem that can be solved using the Unix toolbox (preferably C, perl, shell) he is the one to make it happen. With his background in Unix Standardization he will make sure your investment runs portably and efficiently on all the Unices you care for. Contact him via
Julian Stacey
Net services & systems engineering, UNIX since 1978, Maintains a FreeBSD Commercial Consultants Index (sorted geographically & by full & part timers). Be sure to visit his page!
Klara Inc.
FreeBSD Professional Services, Development and support for FreeBSD to customers around the globe.
Linux Stans
A team of freelancers offering FreeBSD services. Including, but not limited to installing, setting up, and configuring FreeBSD, as well as 24/7 maintenance, monitoring, and updates
Manchester PC
Manchester PC is located in Manchester, United Kingdom, and we specialise in computer support services such as computer repair, setting up servers, installing and troubleshooting networking. We love open-source software, especially FreeBSD, PHP, MySQL, pfSense, FreeNAS, and Apache.
Miletic offers scientific software development, maintenance, integration, and deployment services. Specific expertise is the cross-platform porting of scientific applications and libraries, including from and to FreeBSD. Contact via our website or by email offers professional services to companies implementing open source solutions. We are BSD and Linux certified system administrators and network engineers. Day to day system administration includes databases, web services, high availability systems, virtualization, monitoring, telephony, and spam fighting. That is just part of the things that we do since 2001. For all these years we have gained exceptional experience in system administration, servers maintenance and network management. For more information please visit our web site.
Nesbitt & Associates
Nesbitt & Associates is based in Vancouver, Canada, but have worked with clients all over the world. We specialize in open source technologies, in particular, FreeBSD, Perl, Apache, mod_perl and MySQL. For more information, please visit our web site.
NetFence deploys and maintains Internet/intranet servers based on FreeBSD and other open source software (including Apache web server, Squid, Samba, Cyrus IMAP, PostgreSQL, OpenVPN and others). Network and client-side hardware/software/support is also offered, as well as custom programming and security coverage. It is located in Bologna, Italy and can be reached at
NSW IT Support
NSW IT Support provides FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux installations services for secure antispam web servers that will make any customers happy. Visit our website for more information.
NUVYM is the first and unique company that customizes FreeBSD at Amazon Web Services. Customer obsession is our focus. We use the best methodologies to plan, implement and manage our clients environments accordingly with their needs.
Omar Siddique
Omar Siddique is a Washington, D.C. based consultant with broad experience in FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris. His specialties include internet services, systems integration, system administration, and networking. Contact him via
Omniscient Technologies
Omniscient Technologies is a Washington D.C. based consulting group with a broad array of experience in *BSD, Solaris, Linux and many other varieties of UNIX specializing in highly scalable systems, systems integration and network security. Custom application design also available. Please visit our website for more information.
os-cillation, located in Siegen/NRW, Germany. We offer a broad range in BSD-based software-development (C/C++/Java/HTML/PHP/Perl/SQL). Installation and support of FreeBSD based mail, web, firewall, database, news, dns and ftp servers. FreeBSD and Windows desktop integration. Also experienced with NetBSD, Solaris and Linux.
Ouellet Consulting Inc.
OCI specialize in systems/networks design, implementation and security solutions, including solutions meeting HIPPA requirements. We spec out, configure and support firewalls, proxy-arrays, servers, switches, mail systems, web servers, databases, etc. We are familiar with and support most Windows and Unix/Linux systems including FreeBSD. We offer remote administration services worldwide, on all supported platforms. We plan and assist with Active Directory migrations. For more information please contact us via e-mail or call us +1-850-510-6162. Please see our website for complete details on what we offer.
Pate Consulting, Inc.
We specialize in providing solid open source solutions for businesses using OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux. 6 years in business. 12 years of experience - MCSE, CCNA, RHCE certifications - Also MySQL, PostgreSQL. VPNs, firewalls, wireless, DNS, squidGuard, mail - even training with FreeBSD. You can contact us via e-mail, call us at 713.333.5468 or send us a fax at 713.333.5494.
Paxym's Highly Skilled team provides software development and consulting services in the areas of Kernels, Bootloaders for new CPUs & Boards, Network Security Applications, Storage Appliances and Performance tuning of embedded SW and Network/Storage/Security Applications. Paxym provides FreeBSD SMP for OCTEON (Multicore Mips64 CPU from Cavium Networks). The port is extensively tested with OpenPosix, Apache WebBench, UnixBench, MySQL Sysbench, OHCP, Netperf, FreeNAS for stability and functional completeness. Stable port based on FreeBSD 7.0 is targeted for Network, Security and Storage Applications. Multiple cores, from 1-16 can be used in SMP mode. Supports Dynamic & Static Linking models, o32, n64 & n32 ABI. Root filesystem can be embedded in kernel memory or put on Compact-Flash/NFS. libthr for POSIX pthreads. Paxym's team has had extensive experience with Multi-core Mips (Octeon), PPC and x86 CPUs. Working on these from Rom-Monitors, boot-loaders, Operating Systems, Network Stacks, Storage protocols, Device Drivers, Security Algorithms and Embedded Applications. Paxym has been working closely on FreeBSD, Linux and proprietary OS environments. For more information, visit
Peter Dufault
Peter Dufault, of HD Associates. Peter has over 15 years experience in medical device control, high performance simulation systems, digital closed-loop feedback systems, realtime UNIX-like systems, and UNIX device drivers. For more information, please send email to
Phil Budne
Phil Budne is a Boston area consultant who has worked professionally with BSD and other Unix systems since 1985. Services include development and porting of kernel extensions, device drivers, network protocol implementation, and applications, as well as network and system administration. For more information contact
Psychsoft Consulting
Psychsoft Consulting is an Industry recognized leading technology consulting firm based in Quincy, Massachusetts founded in 1987 with a highly educated, trained and experienced staff to help in all your IT needs. Psychsoft, Inc. personnel hold advanced degrees in various fields and have years of experience in IT implementation, troubleshooting, design and configuration. Areas of expertise include: Linux, Microsoft Windows, UNIX (including FreeBSD), TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, VPN, Network security, WIFI security, WIFI design, Database design, SQL, Web site design, Server design, System integration, Network printing and DSL/Broadband/T1 Internet access.
Questwork Consulting Limited
Questwork Consulting Limited is based in Hong Kong. We provide consulting, web application development, hosting & maintenance services on FreeBSD to our clients for more than 5 years. For more information, please contact us by email at or visit our website.
Raditex Control AB
Raditex Control AB are a firm of consultants and also do education in Unix. We have long experience with all kinds of Unix systems not only FreeBSD or Linux. For more information phone us at +46 19 450105 or give us an email at or visit our web site.
Secnetix GmbH and Co KG
Secnetix GmbH & Co KG -- located in Munich, Germany -- has a strong focus on BSD systems and offers professional consulting services, ranging from basic administration, programming and security-related tasks to sophisticated projects involving design, implementation and maintenance of complex network setups. For more information, please visit our web site or send a message to
Sense of Security Pty Ltd
Sense of Security is an Australian provider of Free BSD and Unix consulting services. We have a strong focus on building secure networks and systems, including firewalls, VPNs, web servers, etc. We are also experts at conducting security review, audit, penetration testing, and assessment services.
Sheridan Computers Limited
We offer IT consulting, systems integration, corporate information systems and security solutions based on BSD software. For more information, send us an email or visit our website. We operate in the United Kingdom.
SMLAN Software & Management Training
SMLan Software & Management Training is a learning center for IT-Trainings. Seminars for Open Source Systems like FreeBSD are offered to companies and individuals. Contact: 0049 30 4492545. is located in Odessa, Ukraine. We offer professional FreeBSD and Linux installation, consulting and server solutions for customers in Ukraine, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. For more information and contact details please visit our website.
SysCare s. r. o.
SysCare s. r. o. is a company based in Slovakia with the aim to provide highly professional solutions, including consultancy and outsourcing services for reasonable amount of money. Our focus is on high-availability and high-performance solutions for web, database, DNS and email products built on. SysCare s. r. o. has been founded by Daniel Gerzo, who is being part of the official development team. For inquiries please send us an email to, or visit our web site for more information.
System Goats
System Goats provides system configuration, networking, guidance and training for organizations interested in Data Science infrastructure.
Tecno21 - Openservices
We provide setup and support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux. We have 10+ years experience with open source software on corporate and SMB customers. We offer custom applications (C/C++/Java/C#), network infrastructure design, security, audit and smartcard solutions. Contact us via e-mail or by phone at +55 (11) 3825-2472.
TecVD is located in Barcelona, Spain. We are a company focused in system security and open source implementations (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD) in heterogeneous infrastructure. We also have security appliances, Tseg series, and network services appliances like Tcor series. We can provide you with a complete enterprise solution tailored to your needs. See our website or email us at for further information.
The FreeBSD Mall
The FreeBSD Mall offers several different levels of support contracts for FreeBSD. Support is available on a per-incident basis, or as a convenient, extensible annual contract. Our highly trained technical support staff will handle your requests in a professional and efficient manner and will provide detailed responses to your needs by phone, fax, or email. The FreeBSD Mall staff has over 8 years of experience supporting FreeBSD. For more information, please see our support page.
The JMBG Network
We believe in quality, reliable and innovative solutions so naturally we love FreeBSD. We are a Canadian electronic solutions provider servicing mainly South-Western Ontario. We also provide some solutions to clients in Canada and the United States. We offer a wide range of electronic solutions including consulting services and we most definitely support and recommend FreeBSD.
TundraWare Inc.
TundraWare Inc. provides FreeBSD related consultancy in all contexts, from Embedded to large Transaction Processing systems. We have extensive International experience and can provide services in network design, systems architecture, development, deployment and operations. Contact us via telephone on 847/827-1706, via email to or write to us at TundraWare Inc., 817 Fairmont Court, Des Plaines, IL 60018, USA.
Ulyanovsk.BSD (ULBSD)
The Ulyanovsk.BSD (ULBSD) is a Russian company located in Ulyanovsk. We provide technical support and consulting to users of ULBSD operating system that is based on. We provide free and paid versions of our operating system. We also answer many questions of users for free and help them work in the and ULBSD. For more information send an email to
UnixPorting specializes in the porting of existing software to new operating systems or hardware. In addition to porting, we specialize in C and Perl programming, Unix system administration and security, and open source technologies (FreeBSD, Perl, Apache, mod_perl, MySQL, etc.). For more information, please visit our web site.
Worria Affordable Web Hosting
Worria Affordable Web Hosting is a privately owned company in Hong Kong. We offer FreeBSD web hosting related consulting services, such as server administration and website management. For more details, please email our sales team.
Zytrax, Inc. is based in Montreal, Canada and provides consulting, development, implementation, hosting and maintenance services specialising in the BSD platforms. Our skill base includes Apache, PHP, Ruby, DNS, Mail, LDAP, Samba, PostgeSQL/MySQL and embedded systems. Please email us at We can be reached via telephone at +1.514.285.9088.

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