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Policies of the Ports Management Team: Committing To The Tree

These are the specific policies that the Ports Management Team has adopted regarding commits to the ports tree.

Changes to

portmgr acts as sole committer for at all times. Proposed changes must be submitted as PRs and assigned to portmgr.

Changes when the tree is open

Open to everything that would not require a regression test.

Changes when the tree is frozen

All changes must be approved by portmgr. In general, only the following will be accepted:

  • fixes that would prevent a port from installing, deinstalling or running properly for the upcoming release.

  • security problems. If sufficiently severe, these may imply the need to create a slipped tag.

  • licensing issues. These require a slipped tag.

Changes when the tree is thawed

No sweeping changes. This is to prevent possibly having to rebuild all the release packages.

Last modified on: February 21, 2021 by Danilo G. Baio