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Ports Management Team

The FreeBSD Ports Management Team (also known as portmgr due to its email alias) is responsible for issues relating to the FreeBSD Ports Collection.


Discusses the goals, rights, and responsibilities of the team. The contents of this document are approved by the FreeBSD Core Team.


Discusses current policies that the team has adopted to meet its goals, such as timeouts for inactivity and when commits are allowed. Also contains the policy for supported releases and branches.

Implementation Issues

Discusses how that the way that the Ports Collection is implemented affects the above policies, and, in particular, such concepts as changes that require regression tests and sweeping changes.

Quality Assurance Activities

A behind-the-scenes look at the efforts that are made to ensure that the Ports Collection works as well as it possibly can.

Team Members Mathieu Arnold <>, Baptiste Daroussin <>, Muhammad Moinur Rahman <>, Luca Pizzamiglio <>, René Ladan <>, Tobias C. Berner <>

Secretary: Tobias C. Berner (

Resources Of Interest To FreeBSD Contributors and Developers

  • Contributing to the FreeBSD Ports Collection
    An introduction to how you can help contribute to the Ports Collection, by either contributing new ports or helping to fix problems in existing ports. Included is detailed information on what the community will expect from you if you volunteer to maintain one or more ports. Also includes a list of further resources.

  • FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook
    The central reference book for FreeBSD ports submitters, maintainers, and committers, mostly technically oriented. It includes both mandatory requirements and recommendations of what portmgr believes are the best approaches to common problems. one or more ports. Also includes information about keeping with changes as well.

  • FreeBSD Ports Build Cluster
    These machines continually build packages on all possible combinations of OS release and CPU architecture (in our terminology, build environments), and produce error logs of problems that are encountered along the way.

  • FreeBSD Release Engineering for Third Party Packages
    Describes the approach used by the FreeBSD release engineering team to produce a high quality package set suitable for official FreeBSD release media, with specific emphasis on how to split up the packages for the release media, and how to verify that a package set is consistent.

  • FreeBSD Committer’s Guide
    Includes a discussion of policies and issues that are of particular interest to committers to the ports tree.

  • Problem Report Handling Guidelines
    While primarily aimed at FreeBSD committers, this should also be read by users interested in how best to attract attention to their PRs.

Resources Of General Interest

  • FreshPorts
    A site maintained by Dan Langille that lets you browse the state of the entire Ports Collection or any individual port within it. Includes cross-references, links, charts and graphs, and many other things. Of interest to users and developers alike.

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