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The Network

This page documents, for those with accounts on the network, just what machine resources are currently available and the sorts of jobs they are being provided for.

For a list of SSH host keys and their fingerprints for the public machines, please see this file.

Developer hosts

These systems are available for FreeBSD developer / committer use. Reference systems can be used for build tests etc.

Host OS Type Purpose
freefall 12-CURRENT amd64 Shell Logins.
ref[13|12|11]-amd64 X-STABLE amd64 Reference machine.
ref[13|12|11]-i386 X-STABLE i386 Reference machine.
ref[12|11]-aarch64 X-STABLE arm64/aarch64 Reference machine.
universe[13|12|11][a|b] X-STABLE amd64 Universe build machine.

Hardware configurations

Host Hardware
freefall Check dmesg(8).
ref[11-13]-amd64 Check dmesg(8).
ref[11-13]-i386 Check dmesg(8).
ref[11-12]-aarch64 Check dmesg(8).
universe[11-13][a|b] Check dmesg(8).

Machines are generally connected at 1Gbit/sec full-duplex to a dedicated switch with redundant gigabit uplinks. All systems have logged serial consoles and remote power management.

Administrative Policies

If the machine in question is "owned" by someone specific, please direct queries to them first when asking about administrative issues, this includes changes to user accounts or filesystem layout.

All new user accounts must be cleared with the admin staff, and are given only to FreeBSD developers, either in the docs, ports or general src hacking category. Accounts may be given to non-project developers if they have a specific need to test something of a truly experimental nature and need access to a FreeBSD machine for the purpose. See New Account Creation Procedure page for details on new accounts. Accounts are not given to the general public for "vanity domain" mail or other such uses. It would be a waste of time to ask. Thanks.

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