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FreeBSD in the Press

Articles in the press about FreeBSD.


The following newsgroups contain discussion pertinent to FreeBSD users:

Additional resources is a blog providing the latest happenings in the FreeBSD community. The articles contain a mix of aggregated news, tutorials and similar.


BSD Now is a weekly video podcast spreading the word about the BSD family of operating systems. The show provides an overview on recent developments, but also features interviews, tutorials and help on specific issues by its listeners.


BSD MAG is devoted to BSD and open source solutions, targeting both beginners and experienced users. It is available for free and published on a monthly basis.

The Source Code

If you like digging your fingers into source code, here is a hypertext version of the FreeBSD kernel source.

The FreeBSD Forums

The Official FreeBSD Forums, offering a forum dedicated to FreeBSD and FreeBSD aficionados.

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