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About the FreeBSD Web Server

The Machine

Powered by FreeBSD

Naturally, all systems in the cluster run FreeBSD. The hardware and network connection have been generously provided by:

 — and other contributors to the FreeBSD project.

A list of general-access machines in the domain is available at the The Network page.

The Software

These pages are served up by the fast and flexible NGINX webserver and Varnish HTTP Cache. In addition, there are a few locally crafted CGI scripts. Indexing of the mailing list archive is provided by freewais-sf, a derivative of the CNIDR freewais.

The Pages

Lynx Friendly logo

The original web pages were put together by John Fieber <> with input from the FreeBSD community and you. <> was our first webmaster but this responsibility is now shared by a larger team of web and documentation contributors. The FreeBSD pages are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and should degrade gracefully on any browser.

Page Design

The current website design was done by Emily Boyd as part of the Google Summer of Code program in 2005.

The original page design was done by Megan McCormack.

Update of the FreeBSD Web Pages

The FreeBSD Web Pages on are currently rebuilt according to the following schedule:

Build Time (UTC) Build type

Every 10 minutes

If there is a change in the doc repository

The document FreeBSD Documentation Project Primer for New Contributors describes how to build the FreeBSD documentation from the Git repository.

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