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FreeBSD 7.0 Open Issues

This is a list of open issues that need to be resolved for FreeBSD 7.0. If you have any updates for this list, please e-mail

Major issues for 7.0-RELEASE

Issue Status Responsible Description
routed not working Done Robert Watson Routed should have been updated because of updates made to the underlying network infrastructure. The old interface was added back in but marked as depreciated.
TCP accept race condition Done Gleb Smirnoff, Robert Watson A race in TCP will lead to very occasional returning of rather than the correct IP address via the socket address returned by accept(). A patch has been merged to HEAD, RELENG_7 and RELENG_7_0.
sleepq race condition Done John Baldwin Races in the sleepq implementation will occasionally result in sleeps with timeouts failing to wake up, as well as other symptoms. A patch has been merged to HEAD, RELENG_7, and RELENG_7_0.
pty race condition Done Konstantin Belousov Multiple race conditions in the tty/pty code have lead to occasional panics. One set of problems has been fixed, but others are still being explored It is aniticipated that the remaining problems will be fixed for 7.0RC2.
amd64 minidump race condition Done Ruslan Ermilov A race condition during minidump generation on SMP amd64 could lead trashed file systems due to writing outside of the swap area. A patch has been merged to HEAD, RELENG_7, and RELENG_7_0.
libkse fork process wedge Done Julian Elischer, Daniel Eischen A bug in libkse could lead the processes hanging after fork if they fork while running multiple threads. A patch has been committed to HEAD that properly reinitializes internal thread library locks after fork; it has been merged to RELENG_7 and RELENG_7_0.

Minor issues for 7.0-RELEASE

Issue Status Responsible Description
sparc64 has a problem building OpenSP so it can't finish a release build with docs Done Marius Strobl Fixed.

Testing foci for 7.0-RELEASE

Issue Status Responsible Description
TCP timers Needs testing Mike Silbersack
MAC Framework Robert Watson A code sync with Mac OS X Leopard for the MAC framework was committed.
TCP issues Done Mike Silbersack Turned out to not be TCP issues after all, problems with signal handling in mountd.

Stress Test Panics

The system is continuously being subjected to Peter Holm's Kernel Stress Test Suite. The following issues have recently been discovered from this test suite.

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