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FreeBSD 7.0 Release Process


This is a specific schedule for the release of FreeBSD 7.0. For more general information about the release engineering process, please see the Release Engineering section of the web site.

General discussions about the release engineering process or quality assurance issues should be sent to the public freebsd-qa mailing list. MFC requests should be sent to


Action Expected Actual Description
Reminder announcement TBD 15Oct2007 Release Engineers send announcement email to developers with a rough schedule for the FreeBSD 7.0 release.
Announce the Ports Freeze 23Oct2007 23Oct2007 Someone from portmgr@ should email freebsd-ports@ to set a date for the week long ports freeze and tagging of the ports tree.
Code freeze begins 18June2007 19June2007 After this date, all commits to HEAD must be approved by Certain highly active documentation committers are exempt from this rule for routine man page / release note updates. Heads-up emails should be sent to the developers, as well as stable@ and qa@ lists.
Announce doc/ tree slush TBD 19Nov2007 Notification of the impending doc/ tree slush should be sent to doc@.
Ports tree frozen 30Oct2007 30Oct2007 Only approved commits will be permitted to the ports/ tree during the freeze.
doc/ tree slush 25Nov2007 25Nov2007 Non-essential commits to the en_US.ISO8859-1/ subtree should be delayed from this point until after the doc/ tree tagging, to give translation teams time to synchronize their work.
doc/ tree tagged. 5Dec2007 5Dec2007 Version number bumps for doc/ subtree. RELEASE_7_0_0 tag for doc/. doc/ slush ends at this time.
RELENG_7 branch -- 11Oct2007 The new major version branch is created. Update and release.ent on various branches involved.
BETA1 builds 17Oct2007 19Oct2007 Begin BETA1 builds.
BETA2 builds 31Oct2007 31Oct2007 Begin BETA2 builds.
BETA3 builds 14Nov2007 16Nov2007 Begin BETA3 builds.
BETA4 builds 28Nov2007 2Dec2007 Begin BETA4 builds.
RELENG_7_0 branch 12Dec2007 22Dec2007 The new release branch is created. Update and release.ent on various branches involved.
RC1 builds 12Dec2007 22Dec2007 Begin RC1 builds.
RC2 builds 28Jan2008 7Feb2008 Begin RC2 builds.
Ports tree tagged 14Dec2007 11Dec2007 RELEASE_7_0_0 tag for ports/.
Ports tree unfrozen 14Dec2007 11Dec2007 After the ports/ tree is tagged, the ports/ tree will be re-opened for commits, but commits made after tagging will not go in 7.0-RELEASE.
Final package build starts 14Dec2007 12Dec2007 The ports cluster and pointyhat build final packages.
RELEASE builds 11Feb2008 23Feb2008 Begin RELEASE builds.
Announcement 26Feb2008 27Feb2008 Announcement sent out after a majority of the mirrors have received the bits.
Turn over to the secteam TBD 5Mar2008 RELENG_7_0 branch is handed over to the FreeBSD Security Officer Team in one or two weeks after the announcement.

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