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FreeBSD 6.2 Open Issues

This is a list of open issues that need to be resolved for FreeBSD 6.2. If you have any updates for this list, please e-mail

Major issues for 6.2-RELEASE

Issue Status Responsible Description
No pending major issues.

Testing foci for 6.2-RELEASE

Issue Status Responsible Description
bce(4) stability fixes Needstesting Scott Long Several stability fixes for bce(4) were merged from HEAD to RELENG_6 around 20061024. Initial testing results have been promising, but more testing reports would be useful.
em(4) stability fixes Needstesting Scott Long, Jack F. Vogel, Gleb Smirnoff, Kris Kennaway Several difficult-to-diagnose stability issues have been observed in the em(4) driver since August. As of 20061027, a newer driver provided by Intel (version 6.2.9) has been committed to RELENG_6 for testing. UPDATE: Additional changes committed 20061110 fix some other observed stability problems and restore missing jumbo frame functionality.
sysinstall(8) kernel selection fix Needstesting Erwin Lansing A bug in sysinstall(8) could result in it failing to install a kernel on a new disk if the user did not choose a distribution from the distribution menu. This is believed to have been fixed as of 20061029, but could use more testing.
ggated(8) Needstesting Paweł Jakub Dawidek A recently-committed patch to ggated(8) is believed to fix some fairly serious problems, as reported in PR kern/104829.
devfs(5) fixes Needstesting Konstantin Belousov Several deadlocks and locking bugs have been fixed in devfs(5).
tty(4) fixes Needstesting Martin Blapp Several workarounds have been committed for known problems in the tty(4) layer.

Stress Test Panics

The system is continuously being subjected to Peter Holm's Kernel Stress Test Suite. The following issues have recently been discovered from this test suite.

Currently none reported.