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FreeBSD 6.0 Commit Approvals


The release engineering team utilizes a code freeze to maintain stability in the period immediately preceding a release. The developers below have been given explicit approval by re@ to continue conservative work in a narrowly defined area until the expiration dates below. All other developers are required to get approval for each individual change from re@ before committing to the release branch.

General discussions about the release engineering process or quality assurance issues should be sent to the public freebsd-qa mailing list. MFC requests should be sent to

Approval List

Committer Area Expiration
Ruslan Ermilov manual pages 1July2005
Joseph Koshy Performance measurement toolset work: sys/dev/hwpmc, usr.sbin/pmcstat, etc. 1July2005
Max Laier IP6FW removal, contrib/pf PR bugfixes, if_bridge cleanup. 1July2005
Jeff Roberson VFS stability fixes. 1July2005
Brooks Davis ifnet restructuring fixes. 1July2005
Christian Brueffer manual pages and release documentation 1July2005
Bruce A. Mah release documentation 1July2005
Wilko Bulte Alpha release documentation 1July2005
Peter Wemm i386 / amd64 syncing 1July2005
Robert Watson minor manual page tweaks 1July2005
Denis Peplin ru_RU.KOI8-R translation of release documentation 1July2005

Additional Information