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FreeBSD 5.1 Open Issues

Open Issues

This is a list of open issues that need to be resolved for FreeBSD 5.1. If you have any updates for this list, please e-mail

Must Resolve Issues for 5.1-RELEASE

Issue Status Responsible Description

Desired Features for 5.1-RELEASE

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Documentation items that must be resolved for 5.1

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Areas requiring immediate testing

Issue Status Responsible Description
Fresh ACPI-CA import -- -- The 20030228 vendor sources have been imported. Further testing is appreciated.
PAE support for i386 -- -- PAE support allows the use of up to 64GB of RAM on Pentium Pro and above systems. Virtual addresses are still constrained to 32-bits.
if_wi problems on Lucent hardware -- -- The recently upgraded if_wi driver is more tuned to Prism hardware than to Lucent hardware, resulting in system lockups and poor performance when using Lucent hardware. These problems are believed to be fixed but more testing is welcome.
UFS2 as installation, newfs default -- Robert Watson For 5.1-RELEASE, the default file system type for newly created file systems is UFS2 rather than UFS1. newfs(8) and sysinstall(8) have been updated to use this new default. Testing to make sure all goes well after the change (committed on April 20, 2003) is vital.
NSSwitch support -- Jacques Vidrine Support for pluggable directory services using NSS, including adaptations of current directory services (local databases, NIS), and support for new services (LDAP, Active Directory, etc). This change has been committed, and requires broader testing.
Spurious alpha panics -- -- Kris Kennaway reports that he has seen several unique panics on the alpha machines, but since gdb -k doesn't work on alpha I haven't been able to get more than a DDB traceback. No-one has looked into them.

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