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FreeBSD 5.0 Release Process


This is a specific schedule for the release of FreeBSD 5.0. For more general information about the release engineering process, please see the Release Engineering section of the web site.

General discussions about the release engineering process or quality assurance issues should be sent to the public freebsd-qa mailing list. MFC requests should be sent to

One of the major new features of FreeBSD 5.0 will be completely re-worked SMP support.

The current release engineering TODO list is also available. This list is updated periodically through the release cycle.


releng_5_dp1 branch (Perforce)15 Mar 200215 Mar 2002Branch created, commits require re@ approval. The branch will be used to allow us time to QA the release, synchronize the release notes with the translation teams, synchronize sysinstall and the package set, etc without disrupting the normal flow of development on -CURRENT.
Ports Freeze2 Apr 20022 Apr 2002The ports tree is frozen and tagged for the developer preview.
Final i386 package build completes3 Apr 20024 Apr 2002The final package build for the i386 architecture is complete.
Final Alpha package build completes3 Apr 20025 Apr 2002The final package build for the Alpha architecture is complete.
Final sparc64 package build completes3 Apr 20027 Apr 2002The final package build for the sparc64 architecture is complete.
Package Split3 Apr 20027 Apr 2002The packages for the installation CDROM are selected from the results of the final package build.
FreeBSD 5.0 Developer Preview 15 Apr 20028 Apr 2002A full release for the i386, Alpha, and sparc64 architectures. The i386 and Alpha releases at least will contain a full package set and a disc1 ISO image will be made available.
5.0 Feature List finalized16 Jun 2002--At the FreeBSD Developer Summit at Usenix, we will need to finalize the list of features that will be included with FreeBSD 5.0. Some features will just have to wait for 5.1 to give us ample time to QA the many features that are ready.
RELENG_5_0_DP2 branch17 Jul 200217 Aug 2002Branch created in Perforce, commits require re@ approval.
FreeBSD 5.0 Developer Preview 225 Jul 200218 Nov 2002A full release for the i386, Alpha, and sparc64 architectures.
-CURRENT feature freeze1 Oct 200216 Oct 2002After this date, significant new features should be discussed with re@ before consideration for 5.0-RELEASE.
-CURRENT code freeze20 Oct 200218 Nov 2002The code freeze for 5.0. Commits to HEAD require re@ approval.
First release candidate2 Dec 20029 Dec 2002 x86, alpha, sparc64, and ia64 images released and uploaded to
RELENG_5_0 branched12 Dec 200212 Dec 2002 Branch from HEAD for the release. Note: no branch for RELENG_5 will happen a this time.
src unfrozen12 Dec 200212 Dec 2002 Unfreeze HEAD src. Continue to coordinate significant check-ins with in order to work towards 5-STABLE.
Second release candidate17 Dec 200221 Dec 2002 --
Ports tree tagged3 Jan 20031 Jan 2003 Tentative date of RELEASE_5_0_0 tag for ports.
Start RC3 builds7 Jan 20039 Jan 2003 Set timestamp and start i386, pc98, sparc64, alpha, and ia64 builds.
Third release candidate released10 Jan 2003 12 Jan 2003--
Version numbers bumped15 Jan 200315 Jan 2003 The files listed here are updated to reflect FreeBSD 5.0.
src tree tagged15 Jan 200316 Jan 2003 Tag the RELENG_5_0 branch with RELENG_5_0_0_RELEASE
doc tree tagged15 Jan 200315 Jan 2003 Tag the doc/ branch with RELEASE_5_0_0
Final builds15 Jan 200316 Jan 2003 Start x86, alpha, sparc64, ia64, and pc98 builds.
Warn hubs@FreeBSD.org15 Jan 200317 Jan 2003 Heads up email to to give admins time to prepare for the load spike to come. The site administrators have frequently requested advance notice for new ISOs.
Upload to ftp-master17 Jan 200317 Jan 2003 Release and packages uploaded to
FreeBSD 5.0 Released19 Jan 200319 Jan 2003 FreeBSD 5.0 is announced to the mailing lists.
FreeBSD 5.0 Press Release19 Jan 2003-- A formal press release statement is in the works and should be released at this time to the website and various tech publications.