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FreeBSD/i386 5.0-RELEASE Hardware Notes

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1 Introduction

This document contains the hardware compatibility notes for FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE on the i386 hardware platform (also referred to as FreeBSD/i386 5.0-RELEASE). It lists devices known to work on this platform, as well as some notes on boot-time kernel customization that may be useful when attempting to configure support for new devices.

Note: This document includes information specific to the i386 hardware platform. Versions of the hardware compatibility notes for other architectures will differ in some details.

2 Supported Processors and Motherboards

FreeBSD/i386 runs on a wide variety of ``IBM PC compatible'' machines. Due to the wide range of hardware available for this architecture, it is impossible to exhaustively list all combinations of equipment supported by FreeBSD. Nevertheless, some general guidelines are presented here.

Almost all i386-compatible processors are supported. All Intel processors beginning with the 80386 are supported, including the 80386, 80486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, and variants thereof, such as the Xeon and Celeron processors. (While technically supported, the use of the 80386SX is specifically not recommended.) All i386-compatible AMD processors are also supported, including the Am486, Am5x86, K5, K6 (and variants), Athlon (including Athlon-MP, Athlon-XP, Athlon-4, and Athlon Thunderbird), and Duron processors. The AMD Élan SC520 embedded processor is supported. The Transmeta Crusoe is recognized and supported, as are i386-compatible processors from Cyrix and NexGen.

There is a wide variety of motherboards available for this architecture. Motherboards using the ISA, VLB, EISA, AGP, and PCI expansion busses are well-supported. There is some limited support for the MCA (``MicroChannel'') expansion bus used in the IBM PS/2 line of PCs.

Symmetric multi-processor (SMP) systems are generally supported by FreeBSD, although in some cases, BIOS or motherboard bugs may generate some problems. Perusal of the archives of the FreeBSD symmetric multiprocessing mailing list may yield some clues.

FreeBSD will generally run on i386-based laptops, albeit with varying levels of support for certain hardware features such as sound, graphics, power management, and PCCARD expansion slots. These features tend to vary in idiosyncratic ways between machines, and frequently require special-case support in FreeBSD to work around hardware bugs or other oddities. When in doubt, a search of the archives of the FreeBSD laptop computer mailing list may be useful.

3 Supported Devices

$FreeBSD: src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/hardware/common/dev.sgml,v 2003/01/14 18:12:50 roam Exp $

This section describes the devices currently known to be supported by with FreeBSD on the i386 platform. Other configurations may also work, but simply have not been tested yet. Feedback, updates, and corrections to this list are encouraged.

Where possible, the drivers applicable to each device or class of devices is listed. If the driver in question has a manual page in the FreeBSD base distribution (most should), it is referenced here.

3.1 Disk Controllers

IDE/ATA controllers ( ata(4) driver)

  • Acard ATP850 UDMA2, ATP860 UDMA4, ATP865 UDMA6

  • AMD 756 ATA66, 766 ATA100, 768 ATA100

  • Cenatek Rocket Drive

  • CMD 646, 648 ATA66, and 649 ATA100

  • Cypress 82C693

  • Cyrix 5530 ATA33

  • HighPoint HPT366 ATA66, HPT370 ATA100, HPT372 ATA133, HPT374 ATA133

  • Intel PIIX, PIIX3, PIIX4

  • Intel ICH ATA66, ICH2 ATA100, ICH3 ATA100, ICH4 ATA100

  • nVidia nForce ATA100

  • Promise ATA100 OEM chip (pdc20265)

  • Promise ATA133 OEM chip (pdc20269)

  • Promise Fasttrak-33, -66, -100, -100 TX2/TX4, -133 TX2/TX2000

  • Promise Ultra-33, -66, -100, -133 TX2/TX2000

  • ServerWorks ROSB4 ATA33

  • ServerWorks CSB5 ATA66/ATA100

  • Sil 0680 UDMA6

  • SiS 530, 540, 620

  • SiS 630, 633, 635, 645, 730, 733, 735, 740, 745, 750

  • SiS 5591 ATA100

  • VIA 82C586 ATA33, 82C596 ATA66, 82C686a ATA66, 82C686b ATA100

  • VIA 8233, 8235 ATA133

Adaptec SCSI Controllers

  • Adaptec 1535 ISA SCSI controllers

  • Adaptec 154x series ISA SCSI controllers ( aha(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 164x series MCA SCSI controllers ( aha(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 174x series EISA SCSI controller in standard and enhanced mode ( aha(4) and ahb(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 274x series EISA SCSI controllers, including narrow and wide variants ( ahc(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 284x series VLB SCSI controllers, including narrow and wide variants ( ahc(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 19160/291x/2920/2930/2940/2950/29160/3940/3950/3960/39160/398x/494x series PCI SCSI controllers, including Narrow/Wide/Twin/Ultra/Ultra2 variants ( ahc(4) driver)

  • Adaptec AIC7770, AIC7850, AIC7860, AIC7870, AIC7880, and AIC789x on-board SCSI controllers ( ahc(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 1510 series ISA SCSI controllers (not for bootable devices)

  • Adaptec 152x series ISA SCSI controllers ( aha(4) driver)

  • Adaptec AIC-6260 and AIC-6360 based boards, which includes the AHA-152x and SoundBlaster SCSI cards ( aic(4) driver)

Ultra-320 SCSI controllers based on the Adaptec AIC7901, AIC7901A, and AIC7902 Ultra320 controller chips ( ahd(4) driver)

  • Adaptec 29320, 29320A, 29320B, 29320LP

  • Adaptec 39320, 39320D

Adaptec 2100S/32x0S/34x0S SCSI RAID controllers ( asr(4) driver)

Adaptec 2000S/2005S Zero-Channel RAID controllers ( asr(4) driver)

Adaptec 2400A ATA-100 RAID controller ( asr(4) driver)

Adaptec FSA family RAID controllers ( aac(4) driver)

  • Adaptec AAC-2622

  • Adaptec AAC-364

  • Adaptec SCSI RAID 5400S

  • Dell PERC 2/QC

  • Dell PERC 2/Si

  • Dell PERC 3/Di

  • Dell PERC 3/QC

  • Dell PERC 3/Si

  • HP NetRAID-4M

AdvanSys SCSI controllers (all models, adv(4) and adw(4) drivers)

BusLogic MultiMaster ``W'' Series Host Adapters ( bt(4) driver):

  • BT-948

  • BT-958

  • BT-958D

BusLogic MultiMaster ``C'' Series Host Adapters ( bt(4) driver):

  • BT-946C

  • BT-956C

  • BT-956CD

  • BT-445C

  • BT-747C

  • BT-757C

  • BT-757CD

  • BT-545C

  • BT-540CF

BusLogic MultiMaster ``S'' Series Host Adapters ( bt(4) driver):

  • BT-445S

  • BT-747S

  • BT-747D

  • BT-757S

  • BT-757D

  • BT-545S

  • BT-542D

  • BT-742A

  • BT-542B

BusLogic MultiMaster ``A'' Series Host Adapters ( bt(4) driver):

  • BT-742A

  • BT-542B

Note: BusLogic/Mylex ``Flashpoint'' adapters are not yet supported.

Note: AMI FastDisk controllers that are true BusLogic MultiMaster clones are also supported.

Note: The Buslogic/Bustek BT-640 and Storage Dimensions SDC3211B and SDC3211F Microchannel (MCA) bus adapters are also supported.

DPT SmartCACHE Plus, SmartCACHE III, SmartRAID III, SmartCACHE IV and SmartRAID IV SCSI/RAID controllers ( dpt(4) driver)

DPT SmartRAID V and VI SCSI RAID controllers ( asr(4) driver)

  • PM1554

  • PM2554

  • PM2654

  • PM2865

  • PM2754

  • PM3755

  • PM3757

AMI MegaRAID Express and Enterprise family RAID controllers ( amr(4) driver)

  • MegaRAID Series 418

  • MegaRAID Enterprise 1200 (Series 428)

  • MegaRAID Enterprise 1300 (Series 434)

  • MegaRAID Enterprise 1400 (Series 438)

  • MegaRAID Enterprise 1500 (Series 467)

  • MegaRAID Enterprise 1600 (Series 471)

  • MegaRAID Elite 1500 (Series 467)

  • MegaRAID Elite 1600 (Series 493)

  • MegaRAID Express 100 (Series 466WS)

  • MegaRAID Express 200 (Series 466)

  • MegaRAID Express 300 (Series 490)

  • MegaRAID Express 500 (Series 475)

  • Dell PERC

  • Dell PERC 2/SC

  • Dell PERC 2/DC

  • Dell PERC 3/DCL

  • HP NetRaid-1si

  • HP NetRaid-3si

  • HP Embedded NetRaid

Note: Booting from these controllers is supported. EISA adapters are not supported.

Mylex DAC960 and DAC1100 RAID controllers with 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x firmware ( mlx(4) driver)

  • DAC960P

  • DAC960PD

  • DAC960PDU

  • DAC960PL

  • DAC960PJ

  • DAC960PG

  • AcceleRAID 150

  • AcceleRAID 250

  • eXtremeRAID 1100

Note: Booting from these controllers is supported. EISA adapters are not supported.

Mylex PCI to SCSI RAID controllers with 6.x firmware ( mly(4) driver)

  • AcceleRAID 160

  • AcceleRAID 170

  • AcceleRAID 352

  • eXtremeRAID 2000

  • eXtremeRAID 3000

Note: Compatible Mylex controllers not listed should work, but have not been verified.

3ware Escalade ATA RAID controllers ( twe(4) driver)

  • 5000 series

  • 6000 series

  • 7000 series

LSI/SymBios (formerly NCR) 53C810, 53C810a, 53C815, 53C825, 53C825a, 53C860, 53C875, 53C875a, 53C876, 53C885, 53C895, 53C895a, 53C896, 53C1010-33, 53C1010-66, 53C1000, 53C1000R PCI SCSI controllers, either embedded on motherboard or on add-on boards ( ncr(4) and sym(4) drivers)

  • ASUS SC-200, SC-896

  • Data Technology DTC3130 (all variants)

  • DawiControl DC2976UW

  • Diamond FirePort (all)

  • NCR cards (all)

  • Symbios cards (all)

  • Tekram DC390W, 390U, 390F, 390U2B, 390U2W, 390U3D, and 390U3W

  • Tyan S1365

NCR 53C500 based PC-Card SCSI host adapters (ncv driver)


  • KME KXLC002 (TAXAN ICD-400PN, etc.), KXLC004

  • Macnica Miracle SCSI-II mPS110

  • Media Intelligent MSC-110, MSC-200

  • NEC PC-9801N-J03R

  • New Media Corporation BASICS SCSI

  • Qlogic Fast SCSI

  • RATOC REX-9530, REX-5572 (as SCSI only)

TMC 18C30, 18C50 based ISA/PC-Card SCSI host adapters (stg driver)

  • Future Domain SCSI2GO


  • ICM PSC-2401 SCSI

  • Melco IFC-SC

  • RATOC REX-5536, REX-5536AM, REX-5536M, REX-9836A

Qlogic controllers and variants ( isp(4) driver)

  • Qlogic 1020, 1040 SCSI and Ultra SCSI host adapters

  • Qlogic 1240 dual Ultra SCSI controllers

  • Qlogic 1080 Ultra2 LVD and 1280 Dual Ultra2 LVD controllers

  • Qlogic 12160 Ultra3 LVD controllers

  • Qlogic 2100 and Qlogic 2200 Fibre Channel SCSI controllers

  • Qlogic 2300 and Qlogic 2312 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel SCSI controllers

  • Performance Technology SBS440 ISP1000 variants

  • Performance Technology SBS450 ISP1040 variants

  • Performance Technology SBS470 ISP2100 variants

  • Antares Microsystems P-0033 ISP2100 variants

DTC 3290 EISA SCSI controller in 1542 emulation mode.

Tekram DC390 and DC390T controllers, maybe other cards based on the AMD 53c974 as well ( amd(4) driver)

Workbit Ninja SCSI-3 based PC-Card SCSI host adapters (nsp driver)

  • Alpha-Data AD-PCS201


Parallel to SCSI interfaces ( vpo(4) driver)

  • AIC 7110 SCSI controller (built-in to Iomega ZIP drive)

  • Iomega Jaz Traveller interface

  • Iomega MatchMaker SCSI interface (built-in to Iomega ZIP+ drive)

Compaq Intelligent Drive Array Controllers ( ida(4) driver)

  • Compaq SMART Array 221

  • Compaq Integrated SMART Array Controller

  • Compaq SMART Array 4200, 4250ES Controllers

  • Compaq SMART Array 3200, 3100ES Controller

  • Compaq SMART-2/DH, SMART-2/SL, SMART-2/P, SMART-2E, and SMART Controllers

SCSI adapters utilizing the Command Interface for SCSI-3 Support ( ciss(4) driver)

  • Compaq Smart Array 5* series (5300, 5i, 532)

Intel Integrated RAID Controllers ( iir(4) driver)

  • Intel RAID Controller SRCMR

  • ICP Vortex SCSI RAID controllers (all Wide/Ultra160, 32-bit/64-bit PCI models)

Promise SuperTrak ATA RAID controllers ( pst(4) driver)

  • Promise SuperTrak SX6000 ATA RAID controller

LSI Logic Fusion/MP architecture Fiber Channel controllers (mpt driver)

  • LSI FC909, FC929

  • LSI 53c1020, 53c1030

PCI SCSI host adapters using the Tekram TRM-S1040 SCSI chipset (trm driver)

  • Tekram DC395U/UW/F

  • Tekram DC315U

With all supported SCSI controllers, full support is provided for SCSI-I, SCSI-II, and SCSI-III peripherals, including hard disks, optical disks, tape drives (including DAT, 8mm Exabyte, Mammoth, and DLT), medium changers, processor target devices and CD-ROM drives. WORM devices that support CD-ROM commands are supported for read-only access by the CD-ROM drivers (such as cd(4)). WORM/CD-R/CD-RW writing support is provided by cdrecord(1), which is a part of the sysutils/cdrtools port in the Ports Collection.

The following CD-ROM type systems are supported at this time:

  • SCSI interface (also includes ProAudio Spectrum and SoundBlaster SCSI) ( cd(4))

  • Sony proprietary interface (all models) ( scd(4))

  • ATAPI IDE interface ( acd(4))

The following drivers were supported under the old SCSI subsystem, but are not yet supported under the cam(4) SCSI subsystem:

  • NCR5380/NCR53400 (``ProAudio Spectrum'') SCSI controller

  • UltraStor 14F, 24F and 34F SCSI controllers.

    Note: There is work-in-progress to port the UltraStor driver to the new CAM SCSI framework, but no estimates on when or if it will be completed.

  • Seagate ST01/02 SCSI controllers

  • Future Domain 8xx/950 series SCSI controllers

  • WD7000 SCSI controller

The following device is unmaintained:

  • Mitsumi proprietary CD-ROM interface (all models) ( mcd(4))

3.2 Ethernet Interfaces

Adaptec Duralink PCI Fast Ethernet adapters based on the Adaptec AIC-6915 Fast Ethernet controller chip ( sf(4) driver)

  • ANA-62011 64-bit single port 10/100baseTX adapter

  • ANA-62022 64-bit dual port 10/100baseTX adapter

  • ANA-62044 64-bit quad port 10/100baseTX adapter

  • ANA-69011 32-bit single port 10/100baseTX adapter

  • ANA-62020 64-bit single port 100baseFX adapter

Allied-Telesis AT1700 and RE2000 cards ( fe(4) driver)


  • Fujitsu MBH10303, MBH10302 Ethernet PCMCIA

  • Fujitsu Towa LA501 Ethernet

  • Fujitsu FMV-J182, FMV-J182A

  • RATOC REX-5588, REX-9822, REX-4886, and REX-R280

  • Eiger Labs EPX-10BT

  • HITACHI HT-4840-11

  • NextCom J Link NC5310

  • TDK LAK-CD021, LAK-CD021A, LAK-CD021BX

Alteon Networks PCI Gigabit Ethernet NICs based on the Tigon 1 and Tigon 2 chipsets ( ti(4) driver)

  • 3Com 3c985-SX (Tigon 1 and 2)

  • Alteon AceNIC (Tigon 1 and 2)

  • Alteon AceNIC 1000baseT (Tigon 2)

  • Asante PCI 1000BASE-SX Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

  • Asante GigaNIX1000T Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

  • DEC/Compaq EtherWORKS 1000

  • Farallon PN9000SX

  • NEC Gigabit Ethernet

  • Netgear GA620 (Tigon 2)

  • Netgear GA620T (Tigon 2, 1000baseT)

  • Silicon Graphics Gigabit Ethernet

AMD PCnet NICs ( lnc(4) and pcn(4) drivers)

  • AMD PCnet/PCI (79c970 & 53c974 or 79c974)

  • AMD PCnet/FAST

  • Isolan AT 4141-0 (16 bit)

  • Isolink 4110 (8 bit)

  • PCnet/FAST+

  • PCnet/FAST III

  • PCnet/PRO

  • PCnet/Home

  • HomePNA

SMC 83c17x (EPIC)-based Ethernet NICs ( tx(4) driver)

  • SMC EtherPower II 9432 series

National Semiconductor DS8390-based Ethernet NICs, including Novell NE2000 and clones ( ed(4) driver)

  • 3C503 Etherlink II ( ed(4) driver)

  • DEC Etherworks DE305

  • Hewlett-Packard PC Lan+ 27247B and 27252A

  • NetVin 5000

  • Novell NE1000, NE2000, and NE2100

  • RealTek 8029

  • SMC Elite 16 WD8013 Ethernet interface

  • SMC Elite Ultra

  • SMC WD8003E, WD8003EBT, WD8003W, WD8013W, WD8003S, WD8003SBT and WD8013EBT and clones

  • Surecom NE-34

  • VIA VT86C926

  • Winbond W89C940

NE2000 compatible PC-Card (PCMCIA) Ethernet and FastEthernet cards ( ed(4) driver)

  • AR-P500 Ethernet

  • Accton EN2212/EN2216/UE2216

  • Allied Telesis CentreCOM LA100-PCM_V2

  • AmbiCom 10BaseT card

  • BayNetworks NETGEAR FA410TXC Fast Ethernet

  • CNet BC40 adapter


  • Compex Net-A adapter

  • CyQ've ELA-010

  • D-Link DE-650/660

  • Danpex EN-6200P2

  • Elecom Laneed LD-CDL/TX, LD-CDF, LD-CDS, LD-10/100CD, LD-CDWA (DP83902A), MACNICA Ethernet ME1 for JEIDA


  • IBM Creditcard Ethernet I/II

  • IC-CARD Ethernet/IC-CARD+ Ethernet

  • Kingston KNE-PC2, KNE-PCM/x Ethernet

  • Linksys EC2T/PCMPC100/PCM100, PCMLM56, EtherFast 10/100 PC Card, Combo PCMCIA Ethernet Card (PCMPC100 V2)


  • NDC Ethernet Instant-Link

  • National Semiconductor InfoMover NE4100

  • NetGear FA-410TX

  • Network Everywhere Ethernet 10BaseT PC Card

  • Planex FNW-3600-T

  • Socket LP-E

  • Surecom EtherPerfect EP-427

  • TDK LAK-CD031,Grey Cell GCS2000 Ethernet Card

  • Telecom Device SuperSocket RE450T

RealTek RTL 8002 Pocket Ethernet ( rdp(4) driver)

RealTek 8129/8139 Fast Ethernet NICs ( rl(4) driver)

  • Accton ``Cheetah'' EN1207D (MPX 5030/5038; RealTek 8139 clone)

  • Allied Telesyn AT2550

  • Allied Telesyn AT2500TX

  • D-Link DFE-530TX+, DFE-538TX

  • Farallon NetLINE 10/100 PCI

  • Genius GF100TXR (RTL8139)

  • KTX-9130TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet

  • NDC Communications NE100TX-E

  • Netronix Inc. EA-1210 NetEther 10/100

  • OvisLink LEF-8129TX

  • OvisLink LEF-8139TX

  • SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI 1211-TX

Lite-On 82c168/82c169 PNIC Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • Kingston KNE110TX

  • LinkSys EtherFast LNE100TX

  • Matrox FastNIC 10/100

  • NetGear FA310-TX Rev. D1

Macronix 98713, 98713A, 98715, 98715A and 98725 Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • Accton EN1217 (98715A)

  • Adico AE310TX (98715A)

  • Compex RL100-TX (98713 or 98713A)

  • CNet Pro120A (98713 or 98713A)

  • CNet Pro120B (98715)

  • NDC Communications SFA100A (98713A)

  • SVEC PN102TX (98713)

Macronix/Lite-On PNIC II LC82C115 Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • LinkSys EtherFast LNE100TX Version 2

Winbond W89C840F Fast Ethernet NICs ( wb(4) driver)

  • Trendware TE100-PCIE

VIA Technologies VT3043 ``Rhine I'' and VT86C100A ``Rhine II'' Fast Ethernet NICs ( vr(4) driver)

  • AOpen/Acer ALN-320

  • D-Link DFE-530TX

  • Hawking Technologies PN102TX

Silicon Integrated Systems SiS 900 and SiS 7016 PCI Fast Ethernet NICs ( sis(4) driver)

  • SiS 630, 635 and 735 motherboard chipsets

National Semiconductor DP83815 Fast Ethernet NICs ( sis(4) driver)

  • NetGear FA311-TX

  • NetGear FA312-TX

National Semiconductor DP83820 and DP83821 Gigabit Ethernet NICs ( nge(4) driver)

  • Addtron AEG320T

  • Ark PC SOHO-GA2500T (32-bit PCI) and SOHO-GA2000T (64-bit PCI)

  • Asante FriendlyNet GigaNIC 1000TA and 1000TPC

  • D-Link DGE-500T

  • LinkSys EG1032 (32-bit PCI) and EG1064 (64-bit PCI)

  • Netgear GA621 and GA622T

  • SMC EZ Card 1000 (SMC9462TX)

  • Surecom Technology EP-320G-TX

  • Trendware TEG-PCITX (32-bit PCI) and TEG-PCITX2 (64-bit PCI)

Sundance Technologies ST201 PCI Fast Ethernet NICs ( ste(4) driver)

  • D-Link DFE-550TX

SysKonnect SK-984x PCI Gigabit Ethernet cards ( sk(4) drivers)

  • SK-9821 1000baseT copper, single port

  • SK-9822 1000baseT copper, dual port

  • SK-9841 1000baseLX single mode fiber, single port

  • SK-9842 1000baseLX single mode fiber, dual port

  • SK-9843 1000baseSX multimode fiber, single port

  • SK-9844 1000baseSX multimode fiber, dual port

Texas Instruments ThunderLAN PCI NICs ( tl(4) driver)

  • Compaq Netelligent 10, 10/100, 10/100 Dual-Port

  • Compaq Netelligent 10/100 Proliant

  • Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP, 10 T PCI UTP/Coax, 10/100 TX UTP

  • Compaq NetFlex 3P, 3P Integrated, 3P w/BNC

  • Olicom OC-2135/2138, OC-2325, OC-2326 10/100 TX UTP

  • Racore 8165 10/100baseTX

  • Racore 8148 10baseT/100baseTX/100baseFX multi-personality

ADMtek Inc. AL981-based PCI Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

ADMtek Inc. AN985-based PCI Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • LinkSys EtherFast LNE100TX v4.0/4.1

ADMtek Inc. AN986-based USB Ethernet NICs ( aue(4) driver)

  • Abocom UFE1000, DSB650TX_NA

  • Accton USB320-EC, SpeedStream

  • ADMtek AN986, AN8511

  • Billionton USB100, USB100LP, USB100EL, USBE100

  • Corega Ether FEther USB-TX, FEther USB-TXS

  • D-Link DSB-650, DSB-650TX, DSB-650TX-PNA

  • Elsa Microlink USB2Ethernet

  • I/O Data USB ETTX

  • Kingston KNU101TX

  • LinkSys USB10T, USB10TA, USB10TX, USB100TX, USB100H1

  • Melco Inc. LUA-TX, LUA2-TX

  • Siemens Speedstream

  • SmartBridges smartNIC

  • SMC 2202USB

  • SOHOware NUB100

CATC USB-EL1210A-based USB Ethernet NICs ( cue(4) driver)

  • Belkin F5U011, F5U111

  • CATC Netmate, Netmate II

  • SmartBridges SmartLink

Kawasaki LSI KU5KUSB101B-based USB Ethernet NICs ( kue(4) driver)

  • 3Com 3c19250

  • AOX USB101

  • Abocom URE 450

  • ADS Technologies USB-10BT

  • ATen UC10T

  • Corega USB-T

  • D-Link DSB-650C

  • Entrega NET-USB-E45

  • I/O Data USB ETT

  • Kawasaki DU-H3E

  • LinkSys USB10T

  • Netgear EA101

  • Peracom USB Ethernet Adapter

  • SMC 2102USB, 2104USB

ASIX Electronics AX88140A PCI NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • Alfa Inc. GFC2204

  • CNet Pro110B

DEC EtherWORKS II and III NICs ( le(4) driver)

  • DE200, DE201, DE202, DE422

  • DE203, DE204, DE205

DEC DC21040, DC21041, DC21140, DC21141, DC21142, and DC21143 based NICs ( de(4) driver)

  • Asante

  • Cogent EM100FX and EM440TX

  • DEC DE425, DE435, DE450, and DE500

  • SMC Etherpower 8432T, 9332, and 9334

  • ZYNX ZX 3xx

DEC/Intel 21143 based Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • DEC DE500

  • Compaq Presario 7900 series built-in Ethernet

  • D-Link DFE-570TX

  • Kingston KNE100TX

  • LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 Instant GigaDrive built-in Ethernet

Davicom DM9100 and DM9102 PCI Fast Ethernet NICs ( dc(4) driver)

  • Jaton Corporation XpressNet

Xircom 3201 (Cardbus) ( dc(4) driver)

Conexant LANfinity RS7112 (MiniPCI) ( dc(4) driver)

Fujitsu MB86960A/MB86965A based Fast Ethernet NICs ( fe(4) driver)

  • CONTEC C-NET(PC)C Ethernet

  • Eiger Labs EPX-10BT

  • Fujitsu FMV-J182, FMV-J182A, MBH10302, MBH10303 Ethernet PCMCIA

  • Fujitsu Towa LA501 Ethernet

  • HITACHI HT-4840-11

  • NextCom J Link NC5310

  • RATOC REX-5588, REX-9822, REX-4886, REX-R280

  • TDK LAK-CD021, LAK-CD021A, LAK-CD021BX

Intel 82557-, 82258-, 82559-, 82550- or 82562-based Fast Ethernet NICs ( fxp(4) driver)

  • Intel EtherExpress Pro/100B PCI Fast Ethernet

  • Intel InBusiness 10/100 PCI Network Adapter

  • Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter

  • Intel Pro/100 VE Desktop Adapter

  • Intel Pro/100 M Desktop Adapter

  • Intel Pro/100 S Desktop, Server and Dual-Port Server Adapters

  • On-board Ethernet NICs on many Intel motherboards.

Intel 82595-based Ethernet NICs ( ex(4) driver)

  • Intel EtherExpress Pro/10 and Pro/10+ Ethernet

  • Olicom OC2220

Intel 82586-based Ethernet NICs ( ie(4) driver)

  • 3Com 3C507 Etherlink 16/TP

  • AT&T Starlan 10 and Starlan Fiber

  • EN100

  • Intel EtherExpress 16

  • RACAL Interlan NI5210

3Com 3C5x9 Etherlink III NICs ( ep(4) driver)

  • 3C509

  • 3C529 MCA

  • 3C579 EISA


  • 3C589/589B/589C/589D/589E/574TX/574B PC-card/PCMCIA

  • Megahertz 3CCFEM556BI, 3CXEM556, 3CCFEM556B

  • OfficeConnect 3CXSH572BT

  • Farallon EtherMac

3Com 3C501 8-bit ISA Ethernet NIC ( el(4) driver)

3Com Etherlink XL-based NICs ( xl(4) driver)

  • 3C900/905/905B/905C PCI

  • 3C556/556B MiniPCI

  • 3C450-TX HomeConnect adapter

  • 3c980/3c980B Fast Etherlink XL server adapter

  • 3cSOHO100-TX OfficeConnect adapter

  • 3C575TX/575B/XFE575BT/575C/656/656B/656C (Cardbus)

  • Dell Optiplex GX1 on-board 3C918

  • Dell On-board 3C920

  • Dell Precision on-board 3C905B

  • Dell Latitude laptop docking station embedded 3C905-TX

3Com 3C59X series NICs ( vx(4) driver)

  • 3C590 Etherlink III (PCI)

  • 3C595 Fast Etherlink III (PCI)

  • 3C592/3C597 (EISA)

Crystal Semiconductor CS89x0-based NICs ( cs(4) driver)

  • IBM Etherjet ISA

Megahertz X-Jack Ethernet PC-Card CC-10BT ( sn(4) driver)

Xircom X3201 (Cardbus) based Ethernet cards, including the following:

  • IBM EtherJet Cardbus Adapter

  • Intel PRO/100 Mobile Cardbus (versions that use the X3201 chipset)

  • Xircom Cardbus Realport

  • Xircom Cardbus Ethernet 10/100

  • Xircom Cardbus Ethernet II 10/100

Xircom CreditCard adapters (16 bit) and workalikes (xe driver)

  • Accton EN2226/Fast EtherCard (16-bit version)

  • Compaq Netelligent 10/100 PC Card

  • Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Mobile Adapter (16-bit version)

  • Xircom 10/100 Network PC Card adapter

  • Xircom Realport card + modem(Ethernet part)

  • Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100

  • Xircom CreditCard 10Base-T ``CreditCard Ethernet Adapter IIps'' (PS-CE2-10)

  • Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100 + modem (Ethernet part)

Gigabit Ethernet cards based on the Level 1 LXT1001 NetCellerator controller ( lge(4) driver)

  • D-Link DGE-500SX

  • SMC TigerCard 1000 (SMC9462SX)

Ethernet and Fast Ethernet NICs based on the 3Com 3XP Typhoon/Sidewinder (3CR990) chipset ( txp(4) driver)

  • 3Com 3CR990-TX-95

  • 3Com 3CR990-TX-97

  • 3Com 3CR990B-SRV

  • 3Com 3CR990B-TXM

  • 3Com 3CR990SVR95

  • 3Com 3CR990SVR97

Gigabit Ethernet NICs based on the Broadcom BCM570x ( bge(4) driver)

  • 3Com 3c996-SX, 3c996-T

  • Netgear GA302T

  • SysKonnect SK-9D21 and 9D41

  • Integrated gigabit Ethernet NICs on DELL PowerEdge 2550 servers

  • Integrated gigabit Ethernet NICs on IBM x235 servers

Gigabit Ethernet NICs based on the Intel 82542 and 82543 controller chips ( gx(4) and em(4) drivers), plus NICs supported by the Intel 82540EM, 82544, 82545EM, and 82546EB controller chips ( em(4) driver only)

  • Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet

Note: The em(4) driver is officially supported by Intel, but is only supported on the i386.

Myson Ethernet NICs (my driver)

  • Myson MTD80X Based Fast Ethernet Card

  • Myson MTD89X Based Gigabit Ethernet Card

3.3 FDDI Interfaces

DEC DEFPA PCI ( fpa(4) driver)

DEC DEFEA EISA ( fpa(4) driver)

3.4 ATM Interfaces

Efficient Networks, Inc. ENI-155p ATM PCI Adapters (hea driver)

FORE Systems, Inc. PCA-200E ATM PCI Adapters (hfa driver)

The ATM support in FreeBSD supports the following signaling protocols:

  • The ATM Forum UNI 3.1 signaling protocol

  • The ATM Forum UNI 3.0 signaling protocol

  • The ATM Forum ILMI address registration

  • FORE Systems' proprietary SPANS signaling protocol

  • Permanent Virtual Channels (PVCs)

Support for the IETF ``Classical IP and ARP over ATM'' model is provided, compliant with the following RFCs and Internet Drafts:

  • RFC 1483, ``Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM Adaptation Layer 5''

  • RFC 1577, ``Classical IP and ARP over ATM''

  • RFC 1626, ``Default IP MTU for use over ATM AAL5''

  • RFC 1755, ``ATM Signaling Support for IP over ATM''

  • RFC 2225, ``Classical IP and ARP over ATM''

  • RFC 2334, ``Server Cache Synchronization Protocol (SCSP)''

  • Internet Draft draft-ietf-ion-scsp-atmarp-00.txt, ``A Distributed ATMARP Service Using SCSP''

Support for an ATM sockets interface is also provided.

3.5 Wireless Network Interfaces

NCR / AT&T / Lucent Technologies WaveLan T1-speed ISA/radio LAN cards ( wl(4) driver)

Lucent Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11 PCMCIA and ISA standard speed (2Mbps) and turbo speed (6Mbps) wireless network adapters and workalikes ( wi(4) driver)

Note: The ISA versions of these adapters are actually PCMCIA cards combined with an ISA to PCMCIA bridge card, so both kinds of devices work with the same driver.

  • 3COM 3crwe737A AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card

  • Accton airDirect WN3301

  • Addtron AWA100

  • Adtec ADLINK340APC

  • Airway 802.11 Adapter

  • Avaya Wireless PC Card

  • Blue Concentric Circle CF Wireless LAN Model WL-379F

  • BreezeNET PC-DS.11

  • Buffalo WLI-CF-S11G

  • Cabletron RoamAbout 802.11 DS

  • Compaq WL100, WL110

  • Corega KK Wireless LAN PCC-11, PCCA-11, PCCB-11

  • D-Link DWL-650

  • Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series

  • ELECOM Air@Hawk/LD-WL11/PCC

  • ELSA AirLancer MC-11

  • Farallon Skyline 11Mbps Wireless

  • ICOM SL-1100

  • IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card

  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN PC Card

  • IO Data WN-B11/PCM

  • Laneed Wireless card

  • Linksys Instant Wireless WPC11

  • Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11

  • Melco Airconnect WLI-PCM-S11, WLI-PCM-L11

  • NCR WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11

  • NEC Wireless Card CMZ-RT-WP

  • NEC Aterm WL11C (PC-WL/11C)

  • NEC PK-WL001

  • Netgear MA401

  • PLANEX GeoWave/GW-NS110

  • Proxim Harmony, RangeLAN-DS

  • SMC 2632W, 2602W

  • Sony PCWA-C100


  • Toshiba Wireless LAN Card

  • US Robotics Wireless Card 2410

Aironet 802.11 wireless adapters ( an(4) driver)

  • Aironet 4500/4800 series (PCMCIA, PCI, and ISA adapters are all supported)

  • Cisco Systems Aironet 340 and 350 series (PCMCIA, PCI, and ISA adapters are all supported)

  • Xircom Wireless Ethernet adapter (rebadged Aironet)

Raytheon Raylink 2.4GHz wireless adapters ( ray(4) driver)

  • Webgear Aviator

  • Webgear Aviator Pro

  • Raytheon Raylink PC Card

AMD Am79C930 and Harris (Intersil) based 802.11 cards ( awi(4) driver)

  • BayStack 650 and 660

  • Farallon SkyLINE Wireless

  • Icom SL-200

  • Melco WLI-PCM

  • NEL SSMagic

  • Netwave AirSurfer Plus and AirSurfer Pro

  • ZoomAir 4000

3.6 Miscellaneous Networks

Granch SBNI12 point-to-point communications adapters (sbni driver)

  • SBNI12-XX and SBNI12D-XX ISA and PCI

SMC COM90cx6 ARCNET network adapters (cm driver)

  • SMC 90c26, 90c56, and 90c66 in 90c56 compatability mode

LAN Media Corp WAN adapters based on the DEC ``Tulip'' Fast Ethernet controller (lmc driver)

  • LMC1000 Synchronous Serial Interface adapter

  • LMC1200 T1/E1 WAN adapter

  • LMC5200 High Speed Synchronous Interface (HSSI) adapter

  • LMC5245 DS3 WAN adapter

3.7 ISDN Interfaces

AcerISDN P10 ISA PnP (experimental)

Asuscom ISDNlink 128K ISA

ASUSCOM P-IN100-ST-D (and other Winbond W6692-based cards)


  • A1

  • B1 ISA (tested with V2.0)

  • B1 PCI (tested with V4.0)

  • Fritz!Card classic

  • Fritz!Card PnP

  • Fritz!Card PCI

  • Fritz!Card PCI, Version 2

  • T1


  • ISDN-S0

  • ISDN-S0 P&P

Compaq Microcom 610 ISDN (Compaq series PSB2222I) ISA PnP

Dr. Neuhaus Niccy Go@ and compatibles

Dynalink IS64PPH and IS64PPH+

Eicon Diehl DIVA 2.0 and 2.02


  • ELSA PCC-16

  • QuickStep 1000pro ISA

  • MicroLink ISDN/PCI

  • QuickStep 1000pro PCI

ITK ix1 Micro ( < V.3, non-PnP version )

Sedlbauer Win Speed

Siemens I-Surf 2.0

TELEINT ISDN SPEED No.1 (experimental)


  • S0/8

  • S0/16

  • S0/16.3

  • S0/16.3 PnP

  • 16.3c ISA PnP (experimental)

  • Teles PCI-TJ

Traverse Technologies NETjet-S PCI

USRobotics Sportster ISDN TA intern

Winbond W6692 based PCI cards

3.8 Serial Interfaces

``PC standard'' 8250, 16450, and 16550-based serial ports ( sio(4) driver)

AST 4 port serial card using shared IRQ

ARNET serial cards ( ar(4) driver)

  • ARNET 8 port serial card using shared IRQ

  • ARNET (now Digiboard) Sync 570/i high-speed serial

Boca multi-port serial cards

  • Boca BB1004 4-Port serial card (Modems not supported)

  • Boca IOAT66 6-Port serial card (Modems supported)

  • Boca BB1008 8-Port serial card (Modems not supported)

  • Boca BB2016 16-Port serial card (Modems supported)

Comtrol Rocketport card ( rp(4) driver)

Cyclades Cyclom-Y serial board ( cy(4) driver)

STB 4 port card using shared IRQ

DigiBoard intelligent serial cards ( dgb(4) driver)

  • DigiBoard PC/Xe series

  • DigiBoard PC/Xi series

PCI-Based multi-port serial boards ( puc(4) driver)

  • Avlab Technology, PCI IO 2S

  • Moxa Industio CP-114

  • Syba Tech Ltd. PCI-4S2P-550-ECP

  • Netmos NM9835 PCI-2S-550

  • PCCOM dual port RS232/422/485

  • SIIG Cyber Serial Dual PCI 16C550

SDL Communication serial boards

  • SDL Communications Riscom/8 Serial Board (rc driver)

  • SDL Communications RISCom/N2 and N2pci high-speed sync serial boards ( sr(4) driver)

Stallion Technologies multiport serial boards

Specialix SI/XIO/SX multiport serial cards, with both the older SIHOST2.x and the new ``enhanced'' (transputer based, aka JET) host cards (ISA, EISA and PCI are supported) ( si(4) driver)

3.9 Audio Devices

Advance ( sbc(4) driver)

  • Asound 100 and 110

  • Logic ALS120 and ALS4000

CMedia sound chips

  • CMI8338/CMI8738

Crystal Semiconductor ( csa(4) driver)

  • CS461x/462x Audio Accelerator

  • CS428x Audio Controller

ENSONIQ ( pcm(4) driver)

  • AudioPCI ES1370/1371


  • ES1868, ES1869, ES1879 and ES1888 ( sbc(4) driver)

  • Maestro-1, Maestro-2, and Maestro-2E

  • Maestro-3/Allegro

    Note: The Maestro-3/Allegro cannot be compiled into the FreeBSD kernel due to licensing restrictions. To use this driver, add the following line to /boot/loader.conf:


ForteMedia fm801

Gravis ( gusc(4) driver)

  • UltraSound MAX

  • UltraSound PnP

Intel 443MX, 810, 815, and 815E integrated sound devices ( pcm(4) driver)

MSS/WSS Compatible DSPs ( pcm(4) driver)

NeoMagic 256AV/ZX ( pcm(4) driver)

OPTi 931/82C931 ( pcm(4) driver)

S3 Sonicvibes

Creative Technologies SoundBlaster series ( sbc(4) driver)

  • SoundBlaster

  • SoundBlaster Pro

  • SoundBlaster AWE-32

  • SoundBlaster AWE-64

  • SoundBlaster AWE-64 GOLD

  • SoundBlaster ViBRA-16

Trident 4DWave DX/NX ( pcm(4) driver)

VIA Technologies VT82C686A


  • DS1

  • DS1e

3.10 Camera and Video Capture Devices

Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879-based frame grabbers ( bktr(4) driver)

  • AverMedia cards

  • Hauppauge Wincast TV and WinTV boards (PCI)

  • Intel Smart Video Recorder III

  • Miro PC TV


  • Video Highway XTreme

  • VideoLogic Captivator PCI

Connectix QuickCam

Cortex1 frame grabber (ctx driver)

Creative Labs Video Spigot frame grabber (spigot driver)

Matrox Meteor Video frame grabber ( meteor(4) driver)

3.11 USB Devices

A range of USB peripherals are supported; devices known to work are listed in this section. Owing to the generic nature of most USB devices, with some exceptions any device of a given class will be supported, even if not explicitly listed here.

Note: USB Ethernet adapters can be found in the section listing Ethernet interfaces.

Note: USB Bluetooth adapters can be found in Bluetooth section.

Host Controllers ( ohci(4) and uhci(4) drivers)

  • ALi Aladdin-V

  • AMD-756

  • CMD Tech 670 & 673

  • Intel 82371SB (PIIX3)

  • Intel 82371AB and EB (PIIX4)

  • Intel 82801AA (ICH)

  • Intel 82801AB (ICH0)

  • Intel 82801BA/BAM (ICH2)

  • Intel 82443MX

  • NEC uPD 9210

  • OPTi 82C861 (FireLink)

  • SiS 5571

  • VIA 83C572 USB

  • UHCI or OHCI compliant motherboard chipsets (no exceptions known)

USB host controllers (PCI)

  • ADS Electronics PCI plug-in card (2 ports)

  • Entrega PCI plug-in card (4 ports)


  • Andromeda hub

  • MacAlly self powered hub (4 ports)

  • NEC hub

Keyboards ( ukbd(4) driver)

  • Apple iMac keyboard

  • BTC BTC7935 keyboard with PS/2 mouse port

  • Cherry G81-3504 keyboard

  • Logitech M2452 keyboard

  • MacAlly iKey keyboard

  • Microsoft keyboard

  • Sun Microsystems Type 6 USB keyboard


  • ActiveWire I/O Board

  • Diamond Rio 500, 600, and 800 MP3 players ( urio(4) driver)

  • D-Link DSB-R100 USB Radio (ufm driver)

Modems ( umodem(4) driver)

  • 3Com 5605

  • Metricom Ricochet GS USB wireless modem

Mice ( ums(4) driver)

  • Agiler Mouse 29UO

  • Apple iMac Mouse

  • Belkin Mouse

  • Chic mouse

  • Cypress mouse

  • Genius Niche mouse

  • Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box

  • Logitech wheel mouse (3 buttons)

  • Logitech PS/2 / USB mouse (3 buttons)

  • MacAlly mouse (3 buttons)

  • Microsoft IntelliMouse (3 buttons)

  • Sun Microsystems Type 6 USB Mouse

  • Trust Ami Mouse (3 buttons)

Printers and parallel printer conversion cables ( ulpt(4) driver)

  • ATen parallel printer adapter

  • Belkin F5U002 parallel printer adapter

  • Entrega USB-to-parallel printer adapter

Serial devices

  • Belkin F5U103 and F5U120 (ubsa driver)

  • e-Tek Labs Kwik232 (ubsa driver)

  • GoHubs GoCOM232 (ubsa driver)

  • HP USB-Serial adapter ( uftdi(4) driver)

  • Inland UAS111 ( uftdi(4) driver)

  • Peracom single port serial adapter (ubsa driver)

  • Prolific PL-2303 serial adapter ( uplcom(4) driver)

  • QVS USC-1000 ( uftdi(4) driver)

  • SUNTAC Slipper U VS-10U ( uvscom(4) driver)

Scanners (through SANE) ( uscanner(4) driver)

  • Perfection 636U

  • HP ScanJet 4100C, 5200C, 6300C

Storage ( umass(4) driver)

  • Iomega USB Zip 100Mb (primitive support still)

  • Matshita CF-VFDU03 floppy drive

  • Microtech USB-SCSI-HD 50 USB to SCSI cable

  • Panasonic floppy drive

  • Y-E Data floppy drive (720/1.44/2.88Mb)

Handspring Visor and other PalmOS devices ( uvisor(4) driver)

  • Handspring Visor

  • Palm M125, M500, M505

  • Sony Clie 4.0 and 4.1

3.12 IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Devices

Host Controllers ( fwohci(4) driver)

  • Ricoh R5C552 chipset

  • Sony CX3022 chipset

  • TI TSB12LV22, LV23, 26 and TSB43AA22 chipsets

  • uPD72861 chipset

  • VIA VT6306 chipset

Storage ( sbp(4) driver)

  • Apple iPod

  • Apple Macintosh G4 (target mode)

3.13 Bluetooth Devices

PCCARD Host Controllers ( ng_bt3c(4) driver)

  • 3Com/HP 3CRWB6096-A PCCARD adapter

USB Host Controllers ( ng_ubt(4) driver)

  • 3Com 3CREB96

  • EPoX BT-DG02

  • Mitsumi USB Bluetooth adapter

  • MSI MS-6967

  • TDK Bluetooth USB adapter

3.14 Cryptographic Accelerators

Accelerators based on the Hifn 7751, 7811, or 7951 chipsets ( hifn(4) driver)

  • Invertex AEON

  • Hifn 7751 reference board

  • Global Technologies Group PowerCrypt and XL-Crypt

  • NetSec 7751

  • Soekris Engineering vpn1201 and vpn1211

Accelerators based on the Bluesteel 5501 or 5601 chipsets ( ubsec(4) driver)

Accelerators based on the Broadcom BCM5801, BCM5802, BCM5805, BCM5820, BCM 5821, BCM5822 chipsets ( ubsec(4) driver)

3.15 Miscellaneous


  • Melco IGM-PCM56K/IGM-PCM56KH

  • Nokia Card Phone 2.0 (gsm900/dcs1800 HSCSD terminal)

Floppy drives ( fd(4) driver)

Genius and Mustek hand scanners

GPB and Transputer drivers

Keyboards including:

  • AT-style keyboards

  • PS/2 keyboards

  • USB keyboards (specific instances are listed in the section describing USB devices)

Loran-C receiver (Dave Mills experimental hardware, loran driver).

Mice including:

  • Bus mice ( mse(4) driver)

  • PS/2 mice ( psm(4) driver)

  • Serial mice

  • USB mice (specific instances are listed in the section describing USB devices)

``PC standard'' parallel ports ( ppc(4) driver)

PC-compatible joysticks ( joy(4) driver)

PHS Data Communication Card/PCCARD

  • NTT DoCoMo P-in Comp@ct

  • Panasonic KX-PH405

  • SII MC-P200

X-10 power controllers ( tw(4) driver)

Xilinx XC6200-based reconfigurable hardware cards compatible with the HOT1 from Virtual Computers (xrpu driver).

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