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FreeBSD 4.7 Release Process


This is a specific schedule for the release of FreeBSD 4.7. For more general information about the release engineering process, please see the Release Engineering section of the web site.

General discussions about the release engineering process or quality assurance issues should be sent to the public freebsd-qa mailing list. MFC requests should be sent to


Action Expected Actual Description
Reminder announcement 06 Aug 2002 06 Aug 2002 Release Engineers send announcement email to with a rough schedule for the FreeBSD 4.7 release.
4.7-PRERELEASE Testing Guide published Ongoing 02 Sep 2002 A testing guide should be published with information about recent changes and areas of the system that should be thoroughly tested during the pre-release/RC period.
4.7-PRERELEASE 01 Sep 2002 02 Sep 2002, and release.ent updated.
FTP site updated 01 Sep 2002 02 Sep 2002 pkg_add -r works for 4.7-PRERELEASE machines.
Code freeze begins 01 Sep 2002 01 Sep 2002 After this date, all commits to the RELENG_4 branch must be approved by Certain highly active documentation committers are exempt from this rule for routine man page / release note updates. Heads-up emails should be sent to the developers@, stable@, and qa@ lists.
Commercial software demos updated. -- -- The second disc contains commercial software demos, these demos should be updated to contain the latest versions.
4.7-RC 15 Sep 2002 16 Sep 2002 and release.ent updated.
Announce the Ports Freeze 15 Sep 2002 16 Sep 2002 Someone from portmgr should email freebsd-ports@ and BCC: developers@ to set a date for the week long ports freeze and tagging of the ports tree.
First release candidate 15 Sep 2002 18 Sep 2002 The first release candidate for the x86 and Alpha architecture is released. ISO images should be uploaded to and A network install directory should be uploaded to The packages directory should be a relative symlink, as described in the releng article.
Heads up to -stable 17 Sep 2002 18 Sep 2002 A message should be sent to and after the snapshot is uploaded.
Package split posted 17 Sep 2002 -- The proposed package split (which packages go on which disc of the 4 CD set) should be posted to,, and
Second release candidate -- 27 Sep 2002 Note: the release date of this candidate depends on the user experience with RC1.
Third release candidate -- 07 Oct 2002
Ports tree frozen 20 Sep 2002 21 Sep 2002 Only approved commits will be permitted to the ports/ tree during the freeze.
Ports tree tagged 24 Sep 2002 01 Oct 2002 RELEASE_4_7_0 tag for ports/.
Ports tree unfrozen 24 Sep 2002 05 Oct 2002 After the ports tree is tagged, the ports/ tree will be re-opened for commits, but commits made after tagging will not go in 4.7-RELEASE.
Final package build starts 25 Sep 2002 05 Oct 2002 The ports cluster and bento build final packages.
Package split 26 Sep 2002 08 Oct 2002 The packages must be split so that packages with similar dependencies appear on each of the four discs, with the most popular packages appearing on the first disc.
doc tree tagged. 27 Sep 2002 01 Oct 2002 RELEASE_4_7_0 tag for docs.
RELENG_4_7 branch 28 Sep 2002 06 Oct 2002 The release branch is created.
Note to freebsd-stable@ 28 Sep 2002 06 Oct 2002 A note should be sent to the freebsd-stable@ list to let over-anxious users know that the tags have been created but the release still isn't ready. Tags may be slid before the announcement goes out. Point users to freebsd-qa@ for details.
Version numbers bumped. 29 Sep 2002 07 Oct 2002 The files listed here are updated to reflect the fact that this is FreeBSD 4.7.
Update man.cgi on the website. 29 Sep 2002 06 Oct 2002 Make sure the 4.7 manual pages are being displayed by default for the man->web gateway. Also make sure these man pages are pointed to by docs.xml.
src tree tagged. 29 Sep 2002 06 Oct 2002 RELENG_4_7_0_RELEASE tag for src.
Final builds. 08 Oct 2002 08 Oct 2002 Final builds for x86 and Alpha in a pristine environment.
Warn 30 Sep 2002 09 Oct 2002 Heads up email to to give admins time to prepare for the load spike to come. The site administrators have frequently requested advance notice for new ISOs.
Upload to ftp-master. 08 Oct 2002 09 Oct 2002 release and packages uploaded to
Announcement 08 Oct 2002 10 Oct 2002 Announcement sent out after a majority of the mirrors have received the bits.
Unfreeze the tree 08 Oct 2002 10 Oct 2002 Announcement to developers@ explaining that the release is out, and commits to RELENG_4 no longer require approval. Also note the policy for commits to the RELENG_4_7 branch.

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