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This installment of the Bi-Monthly Status Report is a few days late, but I'm pleased to say that it is chocked full of over 30 articles. May and June were yet again busy months; the Netperf project passed major milestones and can now be run with the debug.mpsafenet tunable turned on from sources in CVS. The ARM, MIPS, and PPC ports saw quite a bit of progress, as did several other SMPng and Netgraph projects. FreeBSD 5.3 is just around the corner, so don't hesitate to grab a snapshot and test the progress!

On a more serious note, it's very important to remember that code freeze for FreeBSD 5.3 will happen on August 15, 2004. This is only a few weeks away and there is still a lot to do. The TODO list for the release can be found at If you are looking for a way to contribute to the release, this TODO list has several items that are in urgent and in need of attention. Testing is also very important. The tree has had some stability stability problems in the past few weeks, but there are work-arounds that should allow everyone to continue testing and using FreeBSD. We absolutely must have FreeBSD 5.3 be a rock-solid release, so every little bit of contributed effort helps!


Scott Long

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