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Another busy two months have passed in the FreeBSD project. With 5.0 released, attention is focusing on making it faster via more fine-grained locking, adding more high-end features like large memory (PAE) support for i386, and further progress on many other projects. FreeBSD 5.1 is expected to ship in late May or early June, with 5.2 following at the end of summer. A roadmap for the push to 5-STABLE is available at Although the 5.x series isn't expected to fully stabilize until the 5.2 release, 5.1 promises to be an exciting release and a significant improvement over 5.0 in terms of speed and stability.

Not to be forgotten, FreeBSD 4.8, the latest in the 4-STABLE series, is nearing release. Lots of last minute work is going into to it to deliver features like XFree86 4.3.0, Intel HyperThreading(tm) support, and of course many more bug fixes. Don't forget to support the FreeBSD vendors and developers by buying a copy of the CD set when it comes out!.


Scott Long, Robert Watson

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