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At long last, FreeBSD 5.0 is here. Along with putting the final polish on the tree, FreeBSD developers somehow found the time to work on other things too. IA64 took some major steps towards working on the Itanium2 platform, an effort was started to convert all drivers to use busdma and ban vtophys(), hardware crypto support and DEVD hit the tree, NewReno was fixed and effort began on locking down the network layer of the kernel. Also high performance, modular scheduler started taking shape and will be a welcome addition to the kernel soon.

Looking forward, the focus will be on stabilizing and improving the performance of 5.0. The RELENG_5 (aka 5-STABLE) branch will be created once we've reached our goals in this area, so hopefully we will get there quickly. Meanwhile, preparations for the next release from the 4.x series, 4.8, will begin soon. Of course, the best way to get 5.x to stabilize os to install and run it!


Scott Long, Robert Watson

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