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Another busy pair of months at the FreeBSD Project have brought substantial maturity and feature completeness to the fledgeling 5.0-CURRENT branch. And just in time too, because by the time you read the next status report, we hope that you'll have FreeBSD 5.0 running on your desktop! Over the past two months, we've seen an upgrade of sparc64 to Tier 1 (Fully Supported) status, integration of a high quality storage encryption module, the commit of hardware-accelerated IPsec support, the addition of a general-purpose "Device Daemon" to process hardware attach/detach events to replace earlier single-purpose and bus-specific daemons, the commit of RAIDFrame, and the improved maturity of the TrustedBSD work. We've also seen another successful release of the 4.x branch, 4.7-RELEASE, which will continue to be the production supported platform as 5.X is brought in for landing.

Over the next two months, the FreeBSD Project will be focused almost entirely on making 5.0 a success: improving system stability and performance, as well as increasing the pool of applications that build and run on 5.0. The Release Engineering team will have announced the 5.0 code freeze, and released DP2 by the time you read this. Following DP2 will be a series of Release Candidates (RC's), and then the release itself. If you're interested in getting involved in the testing process, please lend a hand -- a spare box and a copy of the DP and RC ISOs burnt onto CD will make a difference. The normal caveats associated with pre-release versions of operating systems apply! You may also be interested in reading the Early Adopter's guide produced by the Release Engineering team to help determine when a transition from the 4.x branch to the 5.x branch will be appropriate for you and your organization.


Robert Watson, Scott Long

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