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Throughout July and August, the FreeBSD Project has been working on pulling together the last few major pieces of new functionality for FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE. At this point, the release appears to be on track for late November or early December. Work on fine-grained locking continues, especially in the VFS, as with improved support for threading through the KSE work; features such as GEOM, UFS2, and TrustedBSD MAC are maturing, and the new ia64 and sparc64 hardware ports are approaching production quality. In the next two months, we have a lot to look forward to: additional 5.0 developer preview snapshots, additional locking and threading improvements, and many cleanups on the new supported architectures. Firewire support has been imported into the main tree, and substantial cleanup of the ACPI/legacy PCI code is also in the works. Also, expect the import of new IPsec hardware acceleration support in the near future.

When new developer previews are posted, please give them a try! While we know that 5.0-RELEASE will be for "early adopters", the more testing we get out of the way now, the less we have to tidy up later. The new features are extremely exciting, and understanding when and how to deploy them properly will be important. In the next two months, among other things, the release engineering team will post updated release schedules, as well as guidance for FreeBSD consumers as to how to decide what releases of FreeBSD will be right for them. Keep an eye out for this, and provide us with feedback.

Also, for those of you in Europe -- we look forward to seeing you at BSDCon Europe in a couple of months!

Scott Long, Robert Watson

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