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May and June were remarkably busy months for the FreeBSD Project-- FreeBSD developers met in Monterey, CA in June for FreeBSD Developer Summit III to discuss strategy for the FreeBSD 5.0 release later this year, for the USENIX Annual Technical conference and for the FreeBSD BoF. Substantial technical progress was made on FreeBSD 5.0, and FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE was cut on the RELENG_4 branch in June.

The remainder of the summer will continue to be busy. Final components and features for 5.0-RELEASE will go into the tree, and the development direction will change from new features to stability, performance, and production-readiness. With additional 5.0 development previews late in the summer, we hope to broaden the tester base for the -CURRENT branch, and start to get early adopters digging out any potential problems in their test environments. I encourage both FreeBSD Developers and FreeBSD Users to give 5.0-DP2 a spin (on a machine without critical data!) and let us know how it goes. The more testing that happens before the release, the less fixing we have to do afterwards!

Robert Watson

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