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This months report covers activity during the second half of October, and the month of November. During these months, substantial work was performed to improve system performance and stability, in particular addressing concerns regarding regressions in network performance for the TCP protocol, and via the introduction of polled network device driver support. Work continues on long-term architectural projects for 5.0, including KSEs, NEWCARD, and TrustedBSD, as well as the cleaning up of long-standing problems in FreeBSD, such as PAM integration. Administrative changes are also documented, including work to redefine and formalize the release engineering process, and the approval of a new portmgr group which will administer the ports collection.

FreeBSD users and developers are strongly encouraged to attend the USENIX BSD Conference in February of next year; it is expected that this will be a useful forum both for learning about FreeBSD and on-going work, as well as providing an opportunity for developers to work more closely and act as a vehicle for discussion and round-the-clock hacking. More information is available at the USENIX web site.

Robert Watson

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