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In the month of September, the FreeBSD Project continued its investment in long-term projects, including continuing work on a fine-grained SMP implementation, support for Kernel Schedulable Entities (KSE) supporting highly efficient threading, and broadening support for modern hardware platforms, including Intel's new IA64 architecture, UltraSparc, and PowerPC. Additional focus was placed on the release process, including work on the release notes infrastructure, support for DVD releases, and work on a binary updating tool.

Due to the delay in getting the September report out the door, the November status report will also cover October. During the month of November, we look forward to BSDCon Europe, the first such event outside the continental United States. The USENIX conference paper submission deadlines are also in November, and FreeBSD users and developers are encouraged to submit to the general and FREENIX tracks. Please see for more information.

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