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The FreeBSD Project made substantial progress in the month of August, 2001, both on continuing the development of the RELENG_4 line (4.x-STABLE and 4.x-RELEASE), and on 5.0-CURRENT, the main development branch. During this month, the decision was made to push the release of 5.0-CURRENT back so that KSE (support for fine-grained user threads) could be completed in time for the release, rather than postponing that support for 6.0. As such, the lifespan of the RELENG_4 line will be extended, with new features continuing to be backported to that branch. 4.4-RELEASE went into final beta during this month, and will also be available shortly.

This month's edition of the status report has been written with the assistance of Nik Clayton and Chris Costello.

Future submissions

For next month, the submission procedures remain the same: reports should be between one and two paragraphs long, sent by e-mail, and in a format approximately that of this month's submissions (Project, Contact, URL, and text). Reminders will be mailed to the and mailing lists at least a week before the deadline; complete submission instructions may be found in those reminders.

-- Robert Watson

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