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Last month's status report was apparently a great success: I received countless e-mails with comments, questions, and suggestions. I've tried to incorporate any suggestions and address any problems from these e-mails in this month's report, which captures a far more extensive snapshot of FreeBSD activity in the last month. Unlike last month's report, it does a better job of reflecting non-development activity, such as on-going conference planning, documentation, and so on. This is a trend I hope to see improve in future months as well.

On the topic of conferences, in the future I'd like to report more on publication activities relating to FreeBSD, including online journals with articles relating to FreeBSD, paper journals, conference papers, and so on. Likewise, I would be interested in including references to Call for Papers relating to FreeBSD. I'll take this opportunity to plug both registration and paper submission for BSDCon Europe in November, which has status included in this report, and for the general BSD Conference being hosted by USENIX in February. Your attendance and submissions make these conferences "happen", and promote FreeBSD as a platform for new research, feature development, and application products. Work of extremely high calibre is performed on FreeBSD, and we need to get the word out.

Submission for Future Editions

Next month, we're maintaining much the same submission requirements: reports should be one or two paragraphs long, sent by e-mail, and approximate the layout of the entries this month (Project, Contact, URL, and text). I'll send out reminders again over the week before the deadline, with more specific instructions. An area where I'd like to explore improvement lies in the coordination of related status reports for larger projects, such as new architectural work or platform ports. This might even have the effect of encouraging communication within these projects :-). I'd like to continue to focus on pulling in a broader range of groups and their activities, including the Security Officer, Release Engineer, and Core Team.

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