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FreeBSD GNOME Project: Screenshots

Here are some examples of GNOME running on FreeBSD. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger image.

GNOME 3.16 Screenshots

A GNOME 3.16 Desktop showing off the Gimp, vlc, chromium
GNOME 3.16 Screen Shot 1
Contributed by Chris Petrik <chris |at|>

GNOME 2.24 Screenshots

A GNOME 2.24 Desktop showing off the Gimp, the System Monitor applet, and the multi-byte, fully internationalized power of GNOME.
GNOME 2.24 Screen Shot 1
Contributed by Denise H. G. <darcsis |at|>

GNOME 2.24 within GNOME 2.24! This is a GNOME 2.24 Desktop running vinagre connected to another GNOME 2.24 Desktop running Epiphany. The main desktop is also sporting the Anjuta IDE, the new Empathy IM client, and showing off the SMB network browsing capability along with the internationalized clock applet.
GNOME 2.24 Screen Shot 2
Contributed by Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus |at|>