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The FreeBSD GNOME Project

What software does the GNOME Team maintain?

The GNOME Team maintains the GNOME, MATE, and Cinnamon desktop environments.

What is GNOME?

GNOME is a complete graphical desktop for X, including everything from a window manager to web browsers, audio players, office programs, graphical login programs and more. MATE is a continuation of the old GNOME 2 desktop environment. Cinnamon was originally a fork of GNOME 3’s gnome-shell, but grew into its own desktop environment.

How to install these desktop environments?

The Desktop Environment chapter of the Handbook has information on how to install GNOME, MATE and Cinnamon

State of the port:

GNOME, MATE, and Cinnamon for FreeBSD are currently fully supported.

Last modified on: May 29, 2023 by Graham Perrin