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  • LWN interviews Alan Cox
    Linux Weekly News,
    There is a small but interesting FreeBSD mention in LWN in an interview with Linux's Alan Cox.

  • The Economist,
    Software that has been developed by thousands of volunteers and is given away is often better than the stuff for sale. Note: The article is no longer available online without registration.

Январь 1999

  • Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix
    O'Reilly and Associates, Marshall Kirk McKusick
    A short history of Berkeley Unix.

  • WWWsmith: Installation and Configuration of FreeBSD
    LINUX JOURNAL, Sean Eric Fagan
    Here is how to set up a web server using another freely available operating system, FreeBSD, a high performance, mature, Unix-like system.

  • The return of BSD - What are the BSD flavors and why might you use them?
    SunWorld, Greg Lehey
    Introduces the modern BSD OSes to the general public.

  • GartnerGroup,
    While finished thin servers should be optimized in both hardware and software for the task at hand, who says the software and hardware must come from the same developer? This Perspective examines the emerging trend in the OEM market of divorcing the software layer from the hardware layer. Many operating systems are vying to be the OS of choice for thin servers. This document examines this issue in detail, particularly the differences between Linux and FreeBSD, the current de facto leaders in the market. Note: The article is no longer available online without registration.

  • Nature Web Matters: Internet tomography
    Nature, K.C. Claffy, Tracie Monk & Daniel McRobb, UCSD/CAIDA, USA.
    The article describes a network management tool built on FreeBSD that has even used network connections to for performing network research.

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