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FreeBSD 4.9 Open Issues

Open Issues

This is a list of open issues that need to be resolved for FreeBSD 4.9. If you have any updates for this list, please e-mail

As many of these open issues involve merging bus_dma driver changes from -CURRENT, the busdma project page is also useful.

Must Resolve Issues for 4.9-RC3

FireWire load failure bug. Done matusita@ Reported on stable@. Did this ever work after the initial firewire commit to drivers.conf in April? If not, is there any reason to not just back out that commit and not have firewire supported during the install?

Must Resolve Issues for 4.9-RELEASE

if_dc tested/merged to work with PAE in 4.x -- luoqi
busdma infrastructure merges -- scottl It's unclear if further bus_dma infrastructure changes need to be merged?
if_xl Done silby
RAID drivers tested/merged to work with PAE in 4.x -- scottl
ACPI merged as optional component In progress John Baldwin ACPI will be provided as an optional component, turned off by default.

Desired Features for 4.9-RELEASE

USB updated to work with PAE In progress jmg, joe, luoqi USB does not currently work with PAE enabled.
twe updated for bus_dma/PAE -- ps The 3ware twe driver needs to be updated for use with PAE in 4.X.
ciss updated for bus_dma/PAE -- ps The ciss driver needs to be updated for use with PAE in 4.X.

Documentation items that must be resolved for 4.9

ACPI Done Murray Handbook should be updated to note that ACPI can be enabled on 4.9 systems.
PAE Done Murray Handbook should be updated to explain the basic PAE functionality.

Testing focuses for 4.9

PAE testing -- More testing should be done with PAE systems to test device compatibility and performance. In particular, active systems with 12 gig of ram or more should be thoroughly tested to make sure the various memory allocation algorithms in the kernel still scale properly. There were reports of users running out of KVA space in -CURRENT with large memory machines.