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FreeBSD ACPI completed projects

Completed Project List

Add methods to get/set ints acpi_EvaluateInteger only gets an int. Update api to get/set so that every consumer does not end up defining their own. Mark Santcroos
Fix getenv_string. Does not seem to work in sys/dev/acpica/Osd/OsdTable.c. Turned out the name should not end in "_name". Mark Santcroos and Peter Grehan
acpi_video manpage. See appendix B of the ACPI 2.0 spec for info on what this driver does as well as look at the sysctls it exports. Mark Santcroos
fd0 not working on Intel boards. The floppy device did not work due to the _CRS object on some systems splitting the IO port into three 2 port resources (6 ports total). Fix committed to sys/isa/fd.c to work with this type of resource specification. Nate Lawson and John Baldwin
Some BIOSs use 0x3f2-0x3f5 as the port range -- the real range is 0x3f0-0x3f5, 0x3f7. Workaround committed. Warner Losh
ACPI Debugging Handbook Page -- Introduction to ACPI for new users as well as how to assist us in fixing problems as they arise. Nate Lawson and Tom Rhodes
acpi_video driver (njl) -- Imported. Nate Lawson and Taku YAMAMOTO (driver author)
BIOS blacklist -- implement a mechanism and specific quirks to disable features or ACPI entirely on known broken systems. If a custom DSDT is loaded, do not check it against the blacklist (since a user may fix the DSDT without changing the vendor/revision fields.) Add blacklist option for disabling acpi on certain systems. Nate Lawson
acpi_toshiba man page -- Driver submitted by Hiroyuki Aizu and committed. All it needs is someone to try it out and document the sysctls. Philip Paeps
Invalid PBLK length workaround -- Accept a PBLK of length 5 (spec says 6). Only enable C2 for this though. Some people may be using 7 to indicate another C3 state but we do not support the extra state. Nate Lawson
Check EcSpacehandler to make sure it is correct for multi-byte access. Found off-by-one in that the last address (0xff) could never be written or read.
Pick a default MS OS to claim -- Too much ASL depends on a MS OS string so we should masquerade as the most accurate one. Picked Win2k™ ("Microsoft Windows NT™"), then reverted once _OSI support was available. ACPI-CA still has a default of "Microsoft Windows NT™". Nate Lawson
Handle DPF resource types in acpi_pcib.c -- Some _PRS values are bracketed with start/end dependent function resource descriptors. Parse/skip them to fix PCI IRQ routing. Nate Lawson
acpi_toshiba updates -- Implement support for DSSX which appears to be the only way to do display switching (other than acpi_video). Nate Lawson
ASUS driver -- Driver for ASUS ACPI extras (hotkeys). Similar to the Linux project. Philip Paeps
Fix sysctls for debug layer/level -- setting from usermode via a sysctl did not work. Nate Lawson
Make lid and sleep button sysctls default to min(supported_states) -- lid switch now defaults to NONE, sleep button to minimum sleep state available. Nate Lawson
newbus attachments for cpu -- Get cpu devices under newbus so drivers like cpufreq can probe/attach. Nate Lawson
Make CPU cx_lowest sysctl more readable -- Use C[1-9] instead of the index value. Nate Lawson
Update EC GLK check -- Use the handle from the table to read _GLK instead of always defaulting to using the global lock. Nate Lawson
Merge ECDT/EC probe Nate Lawson
_INI methods -- run for all devices, not just Device objects. ACPI-CA now calls _INI for Devices, ThermalZones and Processors.
Fix acpidump failing on several systems -- acpidump(8) fails on some systems. I suspect this may be in how we search low memory for the RSDP. Changed to only search EBDA (1 KB pointed to by 16 bit pointer at 0x40E) and high memory (0xE0000 - 0xFFFFF) according to the spec (section 5.2.2). Nate Lawson
Fix apm compat interface -- Hacked around this in the userland utility by marking values >= 255 as "unknown". Nate Lawson
Update GPE code to handle general device wake -- Also, disable GPEs that are not valid when entering a new sleep state. Without this, GPEs for the lid left enabled on a Thinkpad™ X22 restart the system after power off. Add userland interface for enabling device wake (done as per-device sysctls). Nate Lawson
Fix shutdown routines to not poke all the events (causes auto power on for some people). Workaround is to set hw.acpi.disable_on_poweroff="0". Now that GPEs are properly disabled based on _PRW during suspend and poweroff, we can hopefully remove the call to acpi_Disable() in the poweroff path. We now handle the reboot case also by hooking device_shutdown(). Nate Lawson
Cleanup acpidump/boot EBDA lengths. Nate Lawson
Fix acpi_cpu busy refcount -- We no longer use a refcount but instead avoid doing any housekeeping after re-enabling interrupts at the end of acpi_cpu_idle(). Otherwise, the context switch after unmasking ints could disrupt device state. Nate Lawson
Do not print an error message for _PR0 method -- If not present, do not print an error in switch_consumer. Nate Lawson
acpi sysresource probing -- Probe/attach acpi resources in the acpi bus and then dole it out to children as necessary. Requires rman(9). Includes more sophisticated handling of device ordering in scan. Nate Lawson
Update ACPI blacklist -- Read entries from various OS's and add them to our blacklist table. Nate Lawson, Mark Santcroos
Fix general wake code -- remove use of device_t flags as they may collide with the driver. Use an acpi ivar instead. Fix for non-acpi devices as well by using a bus walk routine instead of device_suspend. Add code to turn on appropriate power resources. Disable EC in shutdown path. Nate Lawson
Fix drivers and the apm compat interface -- Currently, the apm compat interface expects byte values but the ABI used is a set of u_ints and an int. Either the apm or acpi battery drivers (or both) are setting the value to -1, which results in 0xffffffff being passed back as the current state. Really, only 255 should be returned in this case. The apm userland utility marks values >= 255 as "unknown" to work around this. But really the underlying drivers should be fixed. Warner Losh
Fix EC timeouts -- move to a sx lock to cover EcWait instead of a mutex so we can hold it across msleep. This fixed the timed out errors that occurred occasionally for some users. Nate Lawson
Package all info on how to do an ACPI import -- done and handed off to Mark Santcroos for inclusion in the acpi projects website. Nate Lawson
ACPI floppy driver probing -- Add a fdc_acpi_probe method to enumerate floppies using _FDE, _FDI methods. Nate Lawson
Rework ACPI PCI link support -- _DIS all links, ignore invalid _CRS, ignore _STA, assume _SRS succeeds. Nate Lawson
Fix EISA probe not to write to registers. Turns out an inb actually triggers the boot hang. Patch committed to only probe the first slot; however, this breaks the Adaptec VLB adapter (not EISA). Justin T. Gibbs is fixing that device's probe. Done. Nate Lawson
Giant-free locking -- Remove dependency on Giant. Nate Lawson
Add SSDT support to acpidump(8) -- Right now we only dump the fixed tables and DSDT. Change acpidump(8) to dump the SSDT tables. It currently concatenates them with the DSDT. Marcel Moolenaar
Change shutdown path -- do not use smp_rendezvous() since it acquires a spinlock. Instead, MI code should run the shutdown path only on the BSP and all other processors should be halted. Peter Wemm
Turn ACPI and PCI devices off or to a lower power state in suspend and back on again in resume. Override the default of D3 with the value the BIOS specifies in _SxD, if present. Skip serial devices (PNP05xx) since they seem to hang when set to D3 and may require special driver support. Also skip non-type 0 PCI devices (i.e., bridges) since they don't seem to handle being powered off. Nate Lawson
Giant-free locking. Nate Lawson
newbus attachments for cpu — get cpu devices under newbus so drivers like cpufreq can probe/attach. Nate Lawson
Write initial drivers: ICH SpeedStep, ACPI performance, ACPI throttling, Enhanced SpeedStep, P4 TCC. Nate Lawson
Add bus methods/ivars for child attachments to both acpi and legacy cpu devices Nate Lawson
Design sysctl interface. Nate Lawson
Design notify interface for Px changes. Nate Lawson
Update power_profile to use cpufreq. Nate Lawson
Import powerd. Nate Lawson
Fujitsu driver -- Driver for Fujitsu laptop extras. Just needs to be cleaned up (use acpi_UserNotify instead of the signal stuff) and imported. Mark Santcroos
IBM Thinkpad extras driver -- Driver for Thinkpad hotkeys. Takanori Watanabe
Call _S0D on resume (power up?). Nate Lawson
Implement the int 10h resume hack that Linux has since we do not have that yet. It is unclear how effective it is but some systems do require it. Nate Lawson
Check our DWORD access to EC regions, including endianness. Currently, we treat DWORD access as little-endian, which makes sense on PCs. It's really not correct to do use access other than BYTE for EC space but some ASL uses DWORD. Also, we should test what happens for AnyAccess reads/writes to EC space since some ASL does this too. The existing implementation seems correct. Nate Lawson
Implement passive cooling in ACPI thermal. It should use the cpufreq interface to cool the processor, based on the various _PSV settings. Also, we need to implement variable polling intervals for thermal zones based on both the passive settings and polling explicitly specified in the ASL. Hajimu UMEMOTO
Fix stray irq 9 on reboot -- AcpiTerminate -> AcpiEvTerminate unhooks the SCI and then we get a stray irq. Debug why. Also, disable/ re-enable acpi gives "SCI already attached". Check flags for AcpiDisable vs. AcpiTerminate. This looks uncommon and does not cause any problems so it will be ignored for now. Nate Lawson
Add smart battery support -- Smart batteries use the SMBus to communicate data instead of the embedded controller for control-method batteries. Newer ACER laptops have this and it will be needed for battery status on them. This is rather difficult since it involves interfacing with the SMBus drivers (likely need some kobj methods for this.) Nate Lawson