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Updating FreeBSD Ports

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The ports listed on these web pages are continually being updated. It is strongly recommended that you refresh the entire collection together, as many ports depend on other parts of the tree, even where that might seem counterintuitive (e.g. japanese/.)

Changes that affect the entire port system are now documented in the CHANGES file. Changes that affect individual ports are now documented in the UPDATING file.

For more information about new, changed or removed ports/packages, or if you wish to search for a specific application to see if it’s available as a port/package, you may use the form above; alternatively, you may wish to visit and either browse the site or subscribe to the lists hosted there.

To learn more about installing and maintaining ports, see Installing Applications: Packages and Ports, a section of the FreeBSD Handbook; the section of the Porter’s Handbook called Keeping Up; and the ports(7) manual page.

Last modified on: January 28, 2023 by Danilo G. Baio