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FreeBSD Past Events

ここに掲載されていない FreeBSD に関連したイベントや、 FreeBSD ユーザが興味をもちそうなイベント詳細をご存知でしたら、 まで (英語で) 送ってください。

iCalendar 形式に対応したスケジュール管理ソフトウェアを使っているなら、 ここに載っているすべてのイベントを集めた FreeBSD イベントカレンダ を利用できます。

今後 FreeBSD に関連したイベントを開催する国や地域は、 以下の地図において暗赤色に塗られています。 過去に FreeBSD に関連したイベントを開催した国は黄色やオレンジ色で塗られています。 より暗い色で塗られた地域ほど過去に多くのイベントを開催しています。


December 2005

  • GUFICon #6, Perugia, Italy
    2005 年 12 月 3 - 4 日
    The Italian FreeBSD users group (G.U.F.I. - Gruppo Utenti FreeBSD Italia) is proud to announce the 6th annual GUFICon. It will be held in Perugia, Italy on December 3-4, 2005. As always, GUFICon is free and open to all. Members of the Italian FreeBSD community as well as special international guests such as Greg Lehey and George Georgalis will present on many technical themes. See the website for more information and free registration.

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November 2005

  • EuroBSDCon 2005, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
    2005 年 11 月 25 - 27 日
    The fourth annual European BSD Conference. It is oriented to developers and users of all BSD flavors, including FreeBSD of course.

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  • USENIX Bay Area Super User Group Meeting (BaySUG '05), Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, USA
    2005 年 11 月 12 日
    Join USENIX and BayLISA for the first Bay Area Super User Group Meeting (BaySUG '05) followed by a reception hosted by Google. We're looking for more FreeBSD representation. Please contact Murray Stokely if you are interested in discussing and promoting FreeBSD at the event.

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October 2005

September 2005

August 2005

  • O'Reilly Open Source Conference 2005, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, USA
    2005 年 8 月 1 - 5 日
    The annual O'Reilly Open Source Conference had a larger BSD presence this year. Matt Olander, Dru Lavigne, and others helped spread the word about FreeBSD. A press release about the advocacy effort is available here.

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July 2005

  • BSDCon Japan 2005, NADYA PARK, Nagoya, Japan
    2005 年 7 月 23 日
    BSD Conference Japan 2005, the fourth conference concerning *BSD in Japan, will be held in Nagoya on July 23th, 2005.

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June 2005

  • Linuxtag 2005, Kongresszentrum, Karlsruhe, Germany
    2005 年 6 月 22 - 25 日
    The Linuxtag is one of Europe's biggest Linux and Open Source related tradeshows and conferences. As in previous years, FreeBSD will be present with a booth.

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  • MeetBSD 2005, Hotel Chopin, Kraków, Poland
    2005 年 6 月 17 - 19 日
    The second annual MeetBSD conference will be held in Poland to bring together BSD experts from around Europe. Poul-Henning Kamp and others will be presenting on FreeBSD topics.

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May 2005

  • BSDCan 2005, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
    2005 年 5 月 13 - 14 日
    BSDCan is a developers conference with a strong focus on emerging technologies, research projects, and works in progress. It also features Userland infrastructure projects and invite contribution from both free software developers and those from commercial vendors.

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April 2005

  • Open Source Forum Russia 2005, Radisson SAS Hotel, Moscow, Russia
    2005 年 4 月 27 - 29 日
    Open Source Forum Russia is the first conference and exhibition which will bring together Russian, American and European leaders of the OS industry, customers interested in using reliable and efficient Linux-based technologies and IT companies which intend developing business on the base of Open Source. Murray Stokely will present on the subject of FreeBSD Release Engineering and the Business Case for BSD.

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  • 2005 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Anaheim, California, USA
    2005 年 4 月 10 - 15 日
    The 2005 USENIX ATC will have FREENIX and general refereed paper sessions. This is THE big conference of the year for BSD enthusiasts in the U.S.

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March 2005

  • LinuxForum 2005, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Copenhagen, Denmark
    2005 年 3 月 4 - 5 日
    Annual Danish Open Source conference. The Danish BSD user group BSD-DK will present the BSD's.

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February 2005

  • Fosdem 2005, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
    2005 年 2 月 26 - 27 日
    A 2 day event to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software. Among the projects present at the event will be Mozilla, KDE and, of course, FreeBSD.

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  • GUUG-Frühjahrsfachgespräch 2005, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
    2005 年 2 月 22 - 25 日
    The Frühjahrsfachgespräch is an annual event on practical Linux/UNIX topics. Most of the talks are in german, among them a talk about FreeBSD Filesystem Snapshots by Dirk Meyer <>.

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  • SCALE: Southern California Linux Expo 2005, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
    2005 年 2 月 12 - 13 日
    The third Southern California Linux Expo will have an exhibition booth on FreeBSD. A computer will be available and CDROMs provided by FreeBSD Mall will be handed out.

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