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Fortune File Commit Policy


Before committing to the fortune file, please remember the classic Usenet "rule":

"Be conservative in what you expect others to accept and liberal in what you are prepared to accept."

If an entry offends more than a couple of FreeBSD committers and does not contain any reasonable historical reference, the entry should not be added. The speaker of the quote is not to be the basis for categorizing the quote as offensive.

Examples of offensive entries:

  • Those that belittle groups on the basis of their gender, nationality, religion, or lifestyle.
  • Profanity, "adult" content.

If you add new material to the fortunes collection, please be extra-diligent about unforeseen objections, and give plenty of time for it to settle before MFCing.

Additional examples may be added to the offensive list above, as guidelines, whenever core@ is required to settle a dispute on this issue.