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FreeBSD GNOME Project: GNOME Desktop-Independent Components

To see how to utilize these components, please examine the example Makefile.

esound audio/esound
gnomehack gnomehack makes common GNOME Makefile substitutions that nearly every GNOME port requires to fit into the proper mtree structure.
gnomehier gnomehier installs all the directories needed for both the GNOME 1 and 2 desktops. Only include this option if your port calls @dirrm on one of the directories listed in the plist for gnomehier.
gnomemimedata misc/gnome-mime-data gnomehier pkgconfig
gnomeprefix gnomeprefix sets some CONFIGURE_ARGS to ensure data is placed properly within the GNOME hierarchy. gnomehier
intlhack intlhack registers a dependency upon textproc/intltool and patches broken implementations. intltool
intltool intltool registers a BUILD_DEPENDS on textproc/intltool.
lthack lthack prevents the installation of .la files and ensures that ${PTHREAD_LIBS} will be passed to the linker. NOTE: lthack is DEPRECATED, and USE_AUTOTOOLS="libtool":15 should be used instead. See the libtool section of the porting guide for more details.
ltasneededhack ltasneededhack hacks the port's libtool so that the -Wl,--as-needed flag is passed to the linker. This will result in shared objects with smaller ELF NEEDED sections which can improve the startup time and module load time of some applications. In order to use ltasneededhack the port must define USE_AUTOTOOLS="libtool":15. NOTE: be sure to thoroughly test the resulting application to make sure there are no undefined symbol errors after adding this hack.
ltverhack ltverhack normalizes shared object versions so that they do not change needlessly. Using ltverhack keeps shared object versions in line with what they should be and what they end up being on other operating systems. In order to use ltverhack the port must define USE_AUTOTOOLS="libtool":15.
pkgconfig pkgconfig registers a dependency upon devel/pkg-config to make sure it is installed.
referencehack referencehack is designed for ports that install API reference documentation. These ports should use referencehack then another port with a -reference suffix should be created to install this documentation. See devel/glib20 and devel/glib20-reference for an example.

If you still need help with your port, have a look at some of the existing ports for examples. The freebsd-gnome mailing list is also there for you.