9.2. FreeBSD 擴充項目

The FreeBSD Documentation Project has extended the DocBook DTD with additional elements and entities. These additions serve to make some of the markup easier or more precise.

Throughout the rest of this document, the term DocBook is used to mean the FreeBSD-extended DocBook DTD.


Most of these extensions are not unique to FreeBSD, it was just felt that they were useful enhancements for this particular project. Should anyone from any of the other *nix camps (NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, …) be interested in collaborating on a standard DocBook extension set, please contact Documentation Engineering Team .

9.2.1. FreeBSD 元素

The additional FreeBSD elements are not (currently) in the Ports Collection. They are stored in the FreeBSD Subversion tree, as head/share/xml/freebsd.dtd.

FreeBSD-specific elements used in the examples below are clearly marked.

9.2.2. FreeBSD Entities

This table shows some of the most useful entities available in the FDP. For a complete list, see the *.ent files in doc/share/xml.

FreeBSD Name Entities
Manual Page Entities
&man.ls.1;ls(1)Usage: &man.ls.1; is the manual page for <command>ls</command>.
&man.cp.1;cp(1)Usage: The manual page for <command>cp</command> is &man.cp.1;.
&man.command.sectionnumber;link to command manual page in section sectionnumberEntities are defined for all the FreeBSD manual pages.
FreeBSD Mailing List Entities
&a.doc;FreeBSD documentation project mailing listUsage: A link to the &a.doc;.
&a.questions;FreeBSD general questions mailing listUsage: A link to the &a.questions;.
&a.listname;link to listnameEntities are defined for all the FreeBSD mailing lists.
FreeBSD Document Link Entities
&url.books.handbook;../../../../doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbookUsage: A link to the <link xlink:href="&url.books.handbook;/advanced-networking.html">Advanced Networking</link> chapter of the Handbook.
&url.books.bookname;relative path to booknameEntities are defined for all the FreeBSD books.
&url.articles.committers-guide;../../../../doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/committers-guideUsage: A link to the <link xlink:href="&url.articles.committers-guide;">Committer's Guide</link> article.
&url.articles.articlename;relative path to articlenameEntities are defined for all the FreeBSD articles.
Other Operating System Name Entities
&linux;Linux®The Linux® operating system.
&unix;UNIX®The UNIX® operating system.
&windows;Windows®The Windows® operating system.
Miscellaneous Entities
&prompt.root;#The root user prompt.
&prompt.user;%A prompt for an unprivileged user.
&postscript;PostScript®The PostScript® programming language.
&tex;TeXThe TeX typesetting language.
&xorg;XorgThe Xorg open source X Window System.

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