1.4. /usr/src 的架構

完整的 FreeBSD 原始碼都在公開的 CVS repository 中。 通常 FreeBSD 原始碼都會裝在 /usr/src, 而且包含下列子目錄:

bin/Source for files in /bin
contrib/Source for files from contributed software.
crypto/Cryptographical sources
etc/Source for files in /etc
games/Source for files in /usr/games
gnu/Utilities covered by the GNU Public License
include/Source for files in /usr/include
kerberos5/Source for Kerberos version 5
lib/Source for files in /usr/lib
libexec/Source for files in /usr/libexec
release/Files required to produce a FreeBSD release
rescue/Build system for the /rescue utilities
sbin/Source for files in /sbin
secure/FreeSec sources
share/Source for files in /usr/share
sys/Kernel source files
tools/Tools used for maintenance and testing of FreeBSD
usr.bin/Source for files in /usr/bin
usr.sbin/Source for files in /usr/sbin

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