Chapitre 16. Mandatory Access Control ** Traduction en Cours **

Table des matières
16.1. Synopsis
16.2. Key Terms in this Chapter
16.3. Explanation of MAC
16.4. Understanding MAC Labels
16.5. Module Configuration
16.6. The MAC bsdextended Module
16.7. The MAC ifoff Module
16.8. The MAC portacl Module
16.9. MAC Policies with Labeling Features
16.10. The MAC partition Module
16.11. The MAC Multi-Level Security Module
16.12. The MAC Biba Module
16.13. The MAC LOMAC Module
16.14. Implementing a Secure Environment with MAC
16.15. Another Example: Using MAC to Constrain a Web Server
16.16. Troubleshooting the MAC Framework

16.1. Synopsis

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