18.2. FreeBSD 12 Versions

Table 18.2. FreeBSD 12 __FreeBSD_version Values
1200000302409July 7, 201612.0-CURRENT.
1200001302628July 12, 201612.0-CURRENT after removing collation from [a-z]-type ranges.
1200002304395August 18, 201612.0-CURRENT after removing unused and obsolete openbsd_poll system call.
1200003304608August 22, 201612.0-CURRENT after adding C++11 thread_local support in rev 303795.
1200004304752August 24, 201612.0-CURRENT after fixing LC_*_MASK for newlocale(3) and querylocale(3) (rev 304703).
1200005304789August 25, 201612.0-CURRENT after changing some ioctl interfaces in rev 304787 between the iSCSI userspace programs and the kernel.
1200006305256September 1, 201612.0-CURRENT after crunchgen(1) META_MODE fix in 305254.
1200007305421September 5, 201612.0-CURRENT after resolving a deadlock between device_detach() and usbd_do_request_flags(9).
1200008305833September 15, 201612.0-CURRENT after removing the 4.3BSD compatible macro m_copy() in 305824.
1200009306077September 21, 201612.0-CURRENT after removing bio_taskqueue() in 305988.
1200010306276September 23, 201612.0-CURRENT after mounting msdosfs(5) with longnames support by default.
1200011306556October 1, 201612.0-CURRENT after adding fb_memattr field to fb_info in 306555.
1200012306592October 2, 201612.0-CURRENT after net80211(4) changes (rev 306590, 306591).
1200013307140October 12, 201612.0-CURRENT after installing header files required development with libzfs_core.
1200014307529October 17, 201612.0-CURRENT after merging common code in rtwn(4) and urtwn(4), and adding support for 802.11ac devices.
1200015308874November 20, 201612.0-CURRENT after some ABI change for unbreaking powerpc.
1200016309017November 22, 201612.0-CURRENT after removing PG_CACHED-related fields from vmmeter.
1200017309124November 25, 201612.0-CURRENT after upgrading our copies of clang, llvm, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 3.9.0 release, and adding lld 3.9.0.
1200018309676December 7, 201612.0-CURRENT after adding the ki_moretdname member to struct kinfo_proc and struct kinfo_proc32 to export the whole thread name to user-space utilities.
1200019310149December 16, 201612.0-CURRENT after starting to lay down the foundation for 11ac support.
1200020312087January 13, 201712.0-CURRENT after removing fgetsock and fputsock.
1200021313858February 16, 201712.0-CURRENT after removing MCA and EISA support.
1200022314040February 21, 201712.0-CURRENT after making the LinuxKPI task struct persistent across system calls.
(not changed)314373March 2, 201712.0-CURRENT after removing System V Release 4 binary compatibility support.
1200023314564March 2, 201712.0-CURRENT after upgrading our copies of clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 4.0.0.
1200024314865March 7, 201712.0-CURRENT after removal of pcap-int.h
1200025315430March 16, 201712.0-CURRENT after addition of the <dev/mmc/mmc_ioctl.h> header.
1200026315662March 16, 201712.0-CURRENT after hiding struct inpcb and struct tcpcb from userland.
1200027315673March 21, 201712.0-CURRENT after making CAM SIM lock optional.
1200028316683April 10, 201712.0-CURRENT after renaming smp_no_rendevous_barrier() to smp_no_rendezvous_barrier() in 316648.
1200029317176April 19, 201712.0-CURRENT after the removal of struct vmmeter from struct pcpu from 317061.
1200030317383April 24, 201712.0-CURRENT after removing NATM support including en(4), fatm(4), hatm(4), and patm(4).
1200031318736May 23, 201712.0-CURRENT after types ino_t, dev_t, nlink_t were extended to 64bit and struct dirent changed layout (also known as ino64).
1200032319664June 8, 201712.0-CURRENT after removal of groff.
1200033320043June 17, 201712.0-CURRENT after the type of the struct event member data was increased to 64bit, and ext structure members added.
1200034320085June 19, 201712.0-CURRENT after the NFS client and server were changed so that they actually use the 64bit ino_t.
1200035320317June 24, 201712.0-CURRENT after the MAP_GUARD mmap(2) flag was added.
1200036320347June 26, 201712.0-CURRENT after changing time_t to 64 bits on powerpc (32-bit version).
1200037320545July 1, 201712.0-CURRENT after the cleanup and inlining of bus_dmamap* functions (320528).
1200038320879July 10, 201712.0-CURRENT after MMC CAM committed. (320844).
1200039r321369July 22, 201712.0-CURRENT after upgrade of copies of clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 5.0.0 (trunk r308421).
1200040r321688July 29, 201712.0-CURRENT after adding NFS client forced dismount support umount -N.
1200041r322762August 21, 201712.0-CURRENT after WRFSBASE instruction become operational on amd64.
1200042r322900August 25, 201712.0-CURRENT after PLPMTUD counters were changed to use counter(9).
1200043r322989August 28, 201712.0-CURRENT after dropping x86 CACHE_LINE_SIZE down to 64 bytes.
1200044r323349September 8, 201712.0-CURRENT after implementing poll_wait() in the LinuxKPI.
1200045r323706September 18, 201712.0-CURRENT after adding shared memory support to LinuxKPI. (r323703).
1200046r323910September 22, 201712.0-CURRENT after adding support for 32-bit compatibility IOCTLs to LinuxKPI.
1200047r324053September 26, 201712.0-CURRENT after removing M_HASHTYPE_RSS_UDP_IPV4_EX. (r324052).
1200048r324227October 2, 201712.0-CURRENT after hiding struct socket and struct unpcb from userland.
1200049r324281October 4, 201712.0-CURRENT after adding the value.u16 field to struct diocgattr_arg.
1200050r324342October 5, 201712.0-CURRENT after adding the armv7 MACHINE_ARCH. (r324340).
1200051r324455October 9, 201712.0-CURRENT after removing libstand.a as a public interface. (r324454).
1200052r325028October 26, 201712.0-CURRENT after fixing ptrace() to always clear the correct thread event when resuming.
1200053r325506November 7, 201712.0-CURRENT after changing struct mbuf layout to add optional hardware timestamps for receive packets.
1200054r325852November 15, 201712.0-CURRENT after changing the layout of struct vmtotal to allow for reporting large memory counters.
1200055r327740January 9, 201812.0-CURRENT after adding cpucontrol -e support.
1200056r327952January 14, 201812.0-CURRENT after upgrading clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 6.0.0 (branches/release_60 r321788).
1200057r329033February 8, 201812.0-CURRENT after applying a clang 6.0.0 fix to make the wine ports build correctly.
1200058r329166February 12, 201812.0-CURRENT after the lua loader was committed.
1200059r330299March 2, 201812.0-CURRENT after removing the declaration of union semun unless _WANT_SEMUN is defined. Also the removal of struct mymsg and the renaming of kernel-only members of struct semid_ds and struct msgid_ds.
1200060r330384March 4, 201812.0-CURRENT after upgrading clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 6.0.0 release.
1200061r332100April 6, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing syslog(3) to emit RFC 5424 formatted messages.
1200062r332423April 12, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing the Netmap API.
1200063r333446May 10, 201812.0-CURRENT after reworking CTL frontend and backend options to use nv(3), allow creating multiple ioctl frontend ports.
1200064r334074May 22, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing the ifnet address and multicast address TAILQ to CK_STAILQ.
1200065r334290May 28, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing dwatch(1) to allow '-E code' to override profile EVENT_DETAILS.
1200066r334466June 1, 201812.0-CURRENT after removal of in-kernel pmc tables for Intel.
1200067r334892June 9, 201812.0-CURRENT after adding DW_LANG constants to libdwarf.
1200068r334930June 12, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing the interface between the NFS modules.
1200069r335237June 15, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing struct kerneldumpheader to version 4 (similar to version 2 in 11-STABLE and previous).
1200070r335873July 2, 201812.0-CURRENT after inlining atomic(9) in modules on amd64 and i386 requiring all modules of consumers to be rebuilt for these architectures.
1200071r335930July 4, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing the ABI and API of epoch(9) (r335924) requiring modules of consumers to be rebuilt.
1200072r335979July 5, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing the ABI and API of struct xinpcb and friends.
1200073r336313July 15, 201812.0-CURRENT after changing the ABI and API of struct if_shared_ctx and struct if_softc_ctx requiring modules of iflib(9) consumers to be rebuilt.
1200074r336360July 16, 201812.0-CURRENT after updating the configuration of libstdc++ to make use of C99 functions.
1200075r336538July 19, 201812.0-CURRENT after zfsloader being folded into loader, and after adding ntpd:ntpd as uid:gid 123:123, and after removing arm big-endian support (MACHINE_ARCH=armeb).
1200076r336914July 30, 201812.0-CURRENT after KPI changes to timespecadd.
1200077r337576August 10, 201812.0-CURRENT after timespec_get was added to the system.
1200078r337863August 15, 201812.0-CURRENT after exec.created hook for jails.
1200079r338061August 19, 201812.0-CURRENT after converting arc4random to using the Chacha20 algorithm and deprecating arc4random_stir and arc4random_addrandom.
1200080r338172August 22, 201812.0-CURRENT after removing the drm drivers.
1200081r338182August 21, 201812.0-CURRENT after KPI changes to NVMe.
1200082r338285August 24, 201812.0-CURRENT after reverting the removal of the drm drivers.
1200083r338331August 26, 201812.0-CURRENT after removing arc4random_stir and arc4random_addrandom.
1200084r338478September 5, 201812.0-CURRENT after updating objcopy(1) to properly handle little-endian MIPS64 object files.
1200085r339270October 19, 201812.0-STABLE after updating OpenSSL to version 1.1.1.
1200086r339732October 25, 201812.0-STABLE after updating OpenSSL shared library version numbers.
1200500r340471November 16, 201812-STABLE after releng/12.0 was branched.
1200501r342801January 6, 201912-STABLE after merge of fixing linux_destroy_dev() behaviour when there are still files open from the destroying cdev.
1200502r343126January 17, 201912-STABLE after enabling sys/random.h #include from C++.
1200503r344152Febrary 15, 201912-STABLE after merge of fixing renameat(2) for CAPABILITIES kernels.
1200504r345169March 15, 201912-STABLE after merging CCM for the benefit of the ZoF port.
1200505r345327March 20, 201912-STABLE after merging support for selectively disabling ZFS without disabling loader.
1200506r346168April 12, 201912-STABLE after merging llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp 8.0.0 final release r356365.

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