This is a one-line description of the port. Please respect these rules:

  1. Try to keep the COMMENT value at no longer than 70 characters, as this line will be used by pkg info (see pkg-info(8)) to display a one-line summary of the port;

  2. Do not include the package name (or version number of the software);

  3. The comment must begin with a capital and end without a period;

  4. Do not start with an indefinite article (that is, A or An);

  5. Names are capitalized (for example, Apache, JavaScript, Perl);

  6. For lists of words, use the Oxford comma (for example, green, red, and blue);

  7. Spell check the text.

Here is an example:

COMMENT=	Cat chasing a mouse all over the screen

The COMMENT variable immediately follows the MAINTAINER variable in the Makefile.

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