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ZR364XX(4)	       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		    ZR364XX(4)

     zr364xx --	zr364xx	webcamd	driver for Zoran USB cameras


     The zr364xx driver	supports USB cameras based on the Zoran	ZR36430,
     ZR36430BGC, ZR36431, ZR36440, and ZR36442 chipsets.

     Devices using the zr364xx driver become available to other	applications
     once webcamd(8) is	loaded.

     The zr364xx driver	should work with the following USB cameras. The
     usbconfig(8) command can be used to determine the VendorID:ProductID of a
     plugged in	USB device.

     VendorID:ProductID			 Device
     041e:4024				 Creative PC-CAM 880
     041e:405d				 Creative DiVi CAM 516
     04c8:0729				 Konica	Revio 2
     04f2:a208				 Creative PC-CAM 850
     052b:1a18				 Chiphead Megapix V12
     0546:3187				 Polaroid iON 230
     055f:b500				 Mustek	MDC 3000
     0595:4343				 Concord Eye-Q Duo 1300/2000
     0595:4343				 Digitrex DSC 1300
     0595:4343				 Firstline FDC 2000
     0595:4343				 Fujifilm EX-10
     0595:4343				 Ricoh RDC-6000
     06d6:0034				 Trust Powerc@m	750
     06d6:003b				 Trust Powerc@m	970Z
     06d6:003d				 Trust Powerc@m	910Z
     0784:0040				 Traveler Slimline X5
     08ca:0109				 Aiptek	PocketDV 3300
     08ca:0109				 Maxell	Maxcam PRO DV3
     08ca:2062				 Aiptek	PocketDV 5700
     08ca:2102				 Aiptek	DVT300
     0a17:004e				 Pentax	Optio 50
     0a17:0062				 Pentax	Optio 50L
     0bb0:500d				 Concord EyeQ Go Wireless
     0d64:0108				 Aiptek	Fidelity 3200
     0d64:0108				 DXG Technology	Fashion	Cam
     0d64:0108				 Genius	Digital	Camera
     0d64:0108				 Praktica DCZ 1.3 S
     0d64:3108				 Genius	G-Shot D211
     0d64:3108				 Praktica Exakta DC 2200
     0feb:2004				 CRS Electronic	3.3 Digital Camera
     0feb:2004				 Packard Bell DSC-300

     a800(4), af9005(4), af9015(4), anysee(4), au0828(4), au6610(4), b2c2(4),
     benq(4), ce6230(4), cinergy(4), conex(4), cpiax(4), cxusb(4), dib0700(4),
     digitv(4),	dtt200u(4), dtv5100(4),	dw2102(4), ec168(4), em28xx(4),
     et61x251(4), finepix(4), friio(4),	gl860(4), gl861(4), gp8psk(4),
     hdpvr(4), ibmcam(4), jeilinj(4), m5602(4),	m920x(4), mars(4), mr800(4),
     mr97310a(4), nova-t(4), opera1(4),	ov519(4), ov534(4), pacxxx(4),
     pvrusb2(4), pwcusb(4), s2255(4), se401(4),	siano(4), sn9c102(4),
     sn9c20x(4), sonixj(4), spca5xx(4),	sq905c(4), stk014(4), stv06xx(4),
     sunplus(4), t613(4), ttusb2(4), tv8532(4),	umt(4),	usbvision(4), uvc(4),
     vc032x(4),	vp702x(4), vp7045(4), zc3xx(4),	webcamd(8)

     The original zr364xx driver was written by	Antoine	Jacquet for the Video4Linux project. It was ported to the Free-
     BSD webcamd port by Hans Petter Selasky  This man
     page was written by Dru Lavigne

FreeBSD				  Dec 4, 2010			       FreeBSD


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