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ZPOOL-WAIT(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		 ZPOOL-WAIT(8)

     zpool-wait	-- Wait	for background activity	to stop	in a ZFS storage pool

     zpool wait	[-Hp] [-T u|d] [-t activity[,activity]...] pool	[interval]

     zpool wait	[-Hp] [-T u|d] [-t activity[,activity]...] pool	[interval]
	     Waits until all background	activity of the	given types has	ceased
	     in	the given pool.	 The activity could cease because it has com-
	     pleted, or	because	it has been paused or canceled by a user, or
	     because the pool has been exported	or destroyed.  If no activi-
	     ties are specified, the command waits until background activity
	     of	every type listed below	has ceased.  If	there is no activity
	     of	the given types	in progress, the command returns immediately.

	     These are the possible values for activity, along with what each
	     one waits for:

		     discard	   Checkpoint to be discarded
		     free	   'freeing' property to become	0
		     initialize	   All initializations to cease
		     replace	   All device replacements to cease
		     remove	   Device removal to cease
		     resilver	   Resilver to cease
		     scrub	   Scrub to cease
		     trim	   Manual trim to cease

	     If	an interval is provided, the amount of work remaining, in
	     bytes, for	each activity is printed every interval	seconds.

	     -H	     Scripted mode.  Do	not display headers, and separate
		     fields by a single	tab instead of arbitrary space.

	     -p	     Display numbers in	parsable (exact) values.

	     -T	u|d  Display a time stamp.  Specify u for a printed represen-
		     tation of the internal representation of time.  See
		     time(2).  Specify d for standard date format.  See

     zpool-status(8), zpool-checkpoint(8), zpool-initialize(8),
     zpool-replace(8), zpool-remove(8),	zpool-resilver(8), zpool-scrub(8),

BSD			       February	25, 2020			   BSD


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