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ZPOOL-UPGRADE(8)	FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual	      ZPOOL-UPGRADE(8)

     zpool-upgrade -- manage version and feature flags of ZFS storage pools

     zpool upgrade
     zpool upgrade -v
     zpool upgrade [-V version]	-a|poola|

     zpool upgrade
	     Displays pools which do not have all supported features enabled
	     and pools formatted using a legacy	ZFS version number.  These
	     pools can continue	to be used, but	some features may not be
	     available.	 Use zpool upgrade -a to enable	all features on	all
	     pools (subject to the -o compatibility property).

     zpool upgrade -v
	     Displays legacy ZFS versions supported by the this	version	of
	     ZFS.  See zpool-features(7) for a description of feature flags
	     features supported	by this	version	of ZFS.

     zpool upgrade [-V version]	-a|poola|
	     Enables all supported features on the given pool.

	     If	the pool has specified compatibility feature sets using	the -o
	     compatibility property, only the features present in all re-
	     quested compatibility sets	will be	enabled.  If this property is
	     set to legacy then	no upgrade will	take place.

	     Once this is done,	the pool will no longer	be accessible on sys-
	     tems that do not support feature flags.  See zpool-features(7)
	     for details on compatibility with systems that support feature
	     flags, but	do not support all features enabled on the pool.

	     -a	     Enables all supported features (from specified compati-
		     bility sets, if any) on all pools.

	     -V	version
		     Upgrade to	the specified legacy version.  If specified,
		     no	features will be enabled on the	pool.  This option can
		     only be used to increase the version number up to the
		     last supported legacy version number.

     zpool-features(7),	zpoolconcepts(7), zpoolprops(7), zpool-history(8)

FreeBSD	13.0			August 9, 2019			  FreeBSD 13.0


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