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ZPOOL-UPGRADE(8)	  BSD System Manager's Manual	      ZPOOL-UPGRADE(8)

     zpool-upgrade -- Manage version and feature flags of ZFS storage pools

     zpool upgrade
     zpool upgrade -v
     zpool upgrade [-V version]	-a|pool...

     zpool upgrade
	     Displays pools which do not have all supported features enabled
	     and pools formatted using a legacy	ZFS version number.  These
	     pools can continue	to be used, but	some features may not be
	     available.	 Use zpool upgrade -a to enable	all features on	all

     zpool upgrade -v
	     Displays legacy ZFS versions supported by the current software.
	     See zpool-features(5) for a description of	feature	flags features
	     supported by the current software.

     zpool upgrade [-V version]	-a|pool...
	     Enables all supported features on the given pool.	Once this is
	     done, the pool will no longer be accessible on systems that do
	     not support feature flags.	 See zpool-features(5) for details on
	     compatibility with	systems	that support feature flags, but	do not
	     support all features enabled on the pool.

	     -a	     Enables all supported features on all pools.

	     -V	version
		     Upgrade to	the specified legacy version.  If the -V flag
		     is	specified, no features will be enabled on the pool.
		     This option can only be used to increase the version num-
		     ber up to the last	supported legacy version number.

     zpool-features(5),	zpoolconcepts(8), zpoolprops(8), zpool-history(8)

BSD				August 9, 2019				   BSD


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