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ZPOOL-LIST(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		 ZPOOL-LIST(8)

     zpool-list	-- list	information about ZFS storage pools

     zpool list	[-HgLpPv] [-o property[,property]a|] [-T u|d] [pool]a|
	   [interval [count]]

     Lists the given pools along with a	health status and space	usage.	If no
     pools are specified, all pools in the system are listed.  When given an
     interval, the information is printed every	interval seconds until killed.
     If	count is specified, the	command	exits after count reports are printed.

     -g	     Display vdev GUIDs	instead	of the normal device names.  These
	     GUIDs can be used in place	of device names	for the	zpool de-
	     tach/offline/remove/replace commands.

     -H	     Scripted mode.  Do	not display headers, and separate fields by a
	     single tab	instead	of arbitrary space.

     -o	property
	     Comma-separated list of properties	to display.  See the
	     zpoolprops(7) manual page for a list of valid properties.	The
	     default list is name, size, allocated, free, checkpoint,
	     expandsize, fragmentation,	capacity, dedupratio, health, altroot.

     -L	     Display real paths	for vdevs resolving all	symbolic links.	 This
	     can be used to look up the	current	block device name regardless
	     of	the /dev/disk path used	to open	it.

     -p	     Display numbers in	parsable (exact) values.

     -P	     Display full paths	for vdevs instead of only the last component
	     of	the path.  This	can be used in conjunction with	the -L flag.

     -T	u|d  Display a time stamp.  Specify u for a printed representation of
	     the internal representation of time.  See time(2).	 Specify d for
	     standard date format.  See	date(1).

     -v	     Verbose statistics.  Reports usage	statistics for individual
	     vdevs within the pool, in addition	to the pool-wide statistics.

     zpool-import(8), zpool-status(8)

FreeBSD	13.0			August 9, 2019			  FreeBSD 13.0


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