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ZPOOL-LIST(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		 ZPOOL-LIST(8)

     zpool-list	-- Lists ZFS storage pools along with a	health status and
     space usage

     zpool list	[-HgLpPv] [-o property[,property]...] [-T u|d] [pool]...
	   [interval [count]]

     zpool list	[-HgLpPv] [-o property[,property]...] [-T u|d] [pool]...
	     [interval [count]]
	     Lists the given pools along with a	health status and space	usage.
	     If	no pools are specified,	all pools in the system	are listed.
	     When given	an interval, the information is	printed	every interval
	     seconds until ^C is pressed.  If count is specified, the command
	     exits after count reports are printed.

	     -g	     Display vdev GUIDs	instead	of the normal device names.
		     These GUIDs can be	used in	place of device	names for the
		     zpool detach/offline/remove/replace commands.

	     -H	     Scripted mode.  Do	not display headers, and separate
		     fields by a single	tab instead of arbitrary space.

	     -o	property
		     Comma-separated list of properties	to display.  See the
		     zpoolprops	manual page for	a list of valid	properties.
		     The default list is name, size, allocated,	free,
		     checkpoint, expandsize, fragmentation, capacity,
		     dedupratio, health, altroot.

	     -L	     Display real paths	for vdevs resolving all	symbolic
		     links. This can be	used to	look up	the current block de-
		     vice name regardless of the /dev/disk/ path used to open

	     -p	     Display numbers in	parsable (exact) values.

	     -P	     Display full paths	for vdevs instead of only the last
		     component of the path. This can be	used in	conjunction
		     with the -L flag.

	     -T	u|d  Display a time stamp.  Specify u for a printed represen-
		     tation of the internal representation of time.  See
		     time(2).  Specify d for standard date format.  See

	     -v	     Verbose statistics.  Reports usage	statistics for indi-
		     vidual vdevs within the pool, in addition to the pool-
		     wide statistics.

     zpool-import(8), zpool-status(8)

BSD				August 9, 2019				   BSD


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