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NAME - check and upgrade ZoneMinder database

SYNOPSIS -c,--check |	-f,--freshen | -v<version>,--version=<version>
       [-u<dbuser> -p<dbpass>]

       This script just	checks what the	most recent release of ZoneMinder is
       at the the moment. It will eventually be	responsible for	applying and
       configuring upgrades etc, including on the fly upgrades.

       -c, --check			- Check	for updated versions of
       ZoneMinder -f, --freshen			   - Freshen the configuration
       in the database.	Equivalent of old -noi --migrate-events
       - Update	database structures as per USE_DEEP_STORAGE setting.
       -v<version>, --version=<version>	- Force	upgrade	to the current version
       from <version> -u<dbuser>, --user=<dbuser>      - Alternate DB user
       with privileges to alter	DB -p<dbpass>, --pass=<dbpass>	    - Password
       of alternate DB user with privileges to alter DB	-d<dir>,--dir=<dir>
       - Directory containing update files if not in default build location
       -interactive			- interact with	the user
       -nointeractive			- do not interact with the user

--stderr			  2021-09-30


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